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Step into the world of pre-loved, ethical and independent women's shoes. At Whering, we offer a curated selection of pre-loved, independent designer and even luxury second-hand shoes. No more paying full retail price for the latest styles, our pre-loved options offer you designer shoes at a fraction of the cost With our rental options, you can enjoy even more savings without over consuming or committing to buying a new item. Plus, our collection of independent designers offers unique and on-trend pieces, so you'll never have to worry about showing up in the same shoes as someone else. And for those looking to add some luxury to their shoe collection, we also offer pre-loved luxury shoes at discounted prices compared to retail. And if you're looking to switch up your style without having to purchase new shoes every time, try our rental partners. It's a win-win for both you and the environment. You get to enjoy the latest styles without breaking the bank and reduce waste by not contributing to fast fashion. So why wait? Discover over 150+ brands with our ethical, eco-friendly and budget-friendly options, you can buy quality and shop guilt free. Before buying any women’s clothing, ask yourself do I really need this? How many outfits will it unlock in my wardrobe? Will I still love and wher this for years to come? Who made this item and was it produced? Download the Whering app to style an item before you buy it to ensure maximum usage and whers.

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