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Listen up vegans, Mashu is the only ethical handbag brand you need to know about. If you’re shopping for a new vegan bag in aphrodite green, nicole black or nicole brown - or if you’re browsing their iconic bag selection, including their baguette bag, white fluffy bag or Sophia Bag- Mashu won’t disappoint. Mashu is inspired by ancient Greek philosophy, where beauty and ethics are interlinked and quality craftsmanship is essential. It couldn’t be easier to find a vegan bag you’ll love as Mashu has a wide range of styles and colours for everyone. The Calliope bag is one of Mashu’s best sellers. It comes in various sizes and colours, including the stunning Aphrodite Green. The Calliope bag features a detachable strap, allowing it to be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Versatile pieces like the Calliope bag are a great sustainable investment as they can be worn with multiple outfit combinations. The bag is crafted from vegan leather which is made from recycled materials and features a unique, natural-looking texture that is soft to the touch. Need we say more? We love how Mashu are practising what they preach both in their manufacturing and design. The Nicole bag is another Mashu classic. It comes in two different styles, the Nicole Black and the Nicole Brown, both of which are super sleek with a minimalistic aesthetic. Mario Kondo would be proud. The Nicole bags are spacious and perfect for everyday use, while the baguette bags are a smaller option for a night out when you don’t need any added baggage. Mashu's Sophia bag is a one of a kind piece -it’s got a white fluffy texture so you can be sure no one will miss it. The Sophia bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials and stepping up your outfit game while still being practical. Mashu's collection reflects their commitment to sustainability and ethics. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, including vegan leather and recycled fabrics, and their bags are made in ethical factories with fair working conditions. It’s refreshing to see a brand prioritising the planet, because who wants to feel guilty buying a new bag? Mashu bags always deliver on style and sustainability due to their timeless design that doesn’t cost the earth. From the classic Nicole bag to the standout Sophia bag, Mashu offers a range of styles to suit everyone, including Mother Nature. Before buying any clothing, ask yourself do I really need this? How many outfits will it unlock in my wardrobe? Will I still love and wher this for years to come? Who made this item and how was it produced? Download the Whering app to style an item before you buy it to ensure maximum usage and whers.

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