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Kotn is a socially conscious clothing brand that's all about timeless style, ethical production, and sustainable materials. Their mission is to create wardrobe essentials that are both beautiful and ethical, while also supporting local communities in Egypt. Every Kotn piece is made with the finest Egyptian cotton, known for its exceptional quality and durability. Kotn clothing is designed to be both comfortable and stylish. Their classic t-shirts and sweatshirts are wardrobe staples that you'll wear for years to come. Made from 100% organic cotton, they're super soft and breathable, making them perfect for everyday wear. The Kotn collection also includes a variety of elevated essentials, like the double-breasted blazer and the relaxed-fit trousers. These pieces are perfect for dressing up or down and are versatile enough to wear year-round. At Kotn, they're committed to ethical production practices. They work directly with cotton farmers in Egypt to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. This not only helps to support local communities but also ensures that every piece of clothing is made with care and attention to detail. They also use eco-friendly materials and production methods, which help to reduce waste and minimize their environmental impact. Whether you're looking for everyday basics or elevated essentials, Ninety Kotn has you covered. Their collection is filled with timeless pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Shop their collection today and join the movement towards ethical and sustainable fashion. Shopping for new clothes? Take a few minutes to think about whether you really need it. Use Whering to see and style what you already own to make sure you’re investing in something you’ll love long term.

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