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Curated Loop is a new rental platform that champions dead stock and previous season collections to provide unique pieces for any occasion — in other words, they make it easy ‘for you to look good by doing good.’ Curated Loop are a new rental platform driven by inperson events and hot new styles. We’re obsessed with their fresh take on rental clothing, offering hundreds of funky styles both formal and casual. Rent your next look for a wedding, party or just because, with Curated Loop. Curated Loop partners with independent designers to give you the chance to rent unique pieces you’d not normally discover. We love how Curated Loop are taking something sustainable like rental fashion and making it more eco-friendly by supporting small independent designers. What could be better? Whatever the occasion, you can find something to rent from Curated Loop to give you the confidence you need. Rent everything from tops, trousers, dresses to accessories. We love experimenting with fashion, but at what cost? With Curated Loop, you can experiment with style without hurting the environment. That’s what is so great about rental, you can get creative without feeling guilty. Who needs to buy new clothes these days? Rent the ‘Tie Me Up’ suit from Curated Loop, providing an edgy twist to the classic suit combo. That’s what we love about Curated Loop, they’re putting a twist on all the classic items we usually see on rental platforms. Shop a variety of beaded bags from their accessories section. We all know accessories are the difference between a good and a great outfit, which is why we couldn’t be happier to see the extensive collection of bags on Curated Loop, the finishing touch to our fantasy. Even better, so many of the bags on Curated Loop are super colourful, adding a much needed pop of colour to any of our outfits. Rent for days and wear multiple ways. If you’re not sure what items to rent, experiment with your style using Whering. Import pieces you want to rent from our Marketplace or any online rental platform and add them to your wardrobe. You can use the Canvas to get creative and see what combos go best, so you know you’ll love your rental.

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