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Birdsong is a sustainable fashion brand eager to make a positive difference in the fashion industry. Birdsong clothing includes their iconic striped linen dress and statement t shirt, as well as beautiful accessories like their pink tassel earrings. Shop for sustainable basics from their timeless and high quality selection of clothing and accessories. With Birdsong, you’ll find stylish pieces ideal for any occasion. Their best selling striped linen dress is a best seller for a reason! Made from natural and breathable fabric, you’ll feel free as a bird (see what we did there?!) and look gorgeous at the same time. It’s a real crowd pleaser for the fact it creates a stunning silhouette and we honestly can’t get enough. Looking for a pop of colour? Why not unleash your inner funky side with their pink tassel earrings from Birdsong? They’re such a cute way to spice up any outfit, whether that’s a statement t shirt or the striped linen dress (also from Birdsong!) the pink tassel earrings are an asset to any outfit. Birdsong’s bold graphic t shirt is perfect for making a statement on your sustainable values. Not only is it stylish and comfortable, it helps to spread the word on slow fashion! Made from organic cotton, you can be sure you’re practising what you preach with this number. At Birdsongs, they're committed to creating fashion that's sustainable, ethical, and inclusive. From their eco-friendly materials to their fair trade production practices, they're dedicated to making the world a better place through fashion. Shop their collection today and discover the beauty of Birdsongs' unique, empowering designs. It’s so important to support brands doing good in the world, so what are you waiting for? Before buying any clothing, ask yourself do I really need this? How many outfits will it unlock in my wardrobe? Will I still love and wher this for years to come? Who made this item and how was it produced? Download the Whering app to style an item before you buy it to ensure maximum usage and whers.

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