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Everyone and their mum has an apple watch now. Call us grandmas but it feels like we blinked and everyone suddenly has a smart watch. Are we old fashioned for just wanting a standard watch, not a Samsung watch, Apple watch, or any kind of smart watch? We’ll be heading to Timpsons to get our watch fixed, rather than searching for ‘apple watch strap’ when ours breaks, judge us all you want. Whether you’re into the Apple or Samsung smart watch vibes, we know you’ve got time (get it?!) for a regular watch in your life. Watches are a timeless accessory (okay, we’ll stop with the puns now) that everyone needs in their wardrobe. They’re a practical item that you can’t go wrong investing in. It’s something you’ll use everyday, so choose wisely. Shop vintage and pre-loved luxury watches on Whering all thanks to our partner brands Vestiaire Collective and Lampoo stocking your favourite designer brands that make an Apple or Samsung smart watch look boring in comparison. You’ll be obsessed with the range of watches we have to offer, so you better make some time to have a look through the preloved luxury watches on Whering. Watches make a great gift. If you’re giving the gift of time (because let’s be honest, there’s never enough hours in a day!) then why not browse sustainable preloved jewellery on Whering’s Marketplace? No one will want a smart watch when they see the gorgeous watches we have to offer. There’s so many watches out there, and tbh, we don’t want to waste time looking through them all. That’s why our editors have done the hard work for you and found the hottest watches for you to choose from so you don’t have to flick through pages and pages on Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo and Luisa Via Roma. Think you need a new Apple smart watch or Samsung smart watch? Think again! Analogue watches are always in style, and they do the only thing a watch actually needs to do, tell the time. We’re not sure about you but we don’t want our emails pinging even when we’re finally having some phone free time. It’s hard enough to switch off already, that’s why we’re not feeling the smart watches here. Tech waste is also a huge contributor to climate change, so we’re respectfully staying clear. See and style your watch with the rest of your wardrobe using our ‘Wear it With’ feature so you can be sure your new watch will be a hit with the rest of your wardrobe! Investing in items you can love long term is so important when it comes to sustainable shopping, especially something like a watch that you’ll have to look at multiple times a day.

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