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Find a pair of trunks you love on the Whering Marketplace. Invest in a quality pair of mens swimming trunks to last you years to come. So many people make the mistake of buying a new pair of low quality trunks every year, instead of investing the money into a high quality pair of trunks made of ethical materials that don’t hurt the planet. We’re pushing back against fast fashion brands over producing low quality swimming trunks and bikinis that contain hundreds of harmful micro plastics and chemicals that harm sea life. There’s a new culture of buying a new pair of trunks just for an Instagram photo or social media content; this is incredibly damaging to our world. We need to normalise investing time and money into finding a quality pair of sustainably made trunks, and re-wearing them until we actually need new ones. It’s so easy to log on to a fast fashion site and see the first pair of men’s swimming trunks and click buy, but let’s stop and think about the damage this has on our planet. Discover comfortable and unique swimming trunks for men or whoever wants to wear them. Trunks aren’t just for men, so have a gander through our range of swimming trunks and see if there’s a pair that takes your fancy. When you buy swimming trunks on Whering you can be sure they have been made by a brand that prioritises people and the planet by paying their workers a fair living wage to work in safe labour conditions and using ethical materials to make their trunks. We know second hand swimwear is a no go for most people, that’s why we’ve been careful to partner with incredible sustainable swimwear brands so you can have confidence in yourself and your body when heading out. Finding sustainable swimming trunks isn’t always easy, there’s so many brands out there that claim to be sustainable, but which ones really are? Greenwashing has made it impossible to know when brands are being honest or not, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through sustainability promises and environmental awareness posts to find brands actually fulfilling their eco promises. That way, you can shop for swimming trunks with confidence and chillax to the max on your holiday, knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet. What kind of swimming trunks do you like? Do you go for a tighter pair of swimming trunks, short shorts (suns out>legs out) or are you into the long baggy look? When you find a pair of swimming trunks you love, you can actually wear them as shorts in day to day life. This isn’t the case for all swimming trunks, but a few can pass as shorts in the daytime too. So be sure you love your swimming trunks when clicking buy. Use Whering to see and style your trunks with items you already own to see how they play out with your wardrobe. It couldn’t be easier to purchase trunks with confidence.

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