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We know tote bags get a bad rep, but we unapologetically love them. Not the low quality free tote bags you get at events, these aren’t so good and should probably be stopped in the name of the planet, but the more sturdy and well made tote bags are always a yes from us. For example, the classic Marc Jacobs tote bag is a fashionable take on the iconic tote bag- so if you’re looking to elevate your classic black tote bag, this could be a good way to go. Shop preloved luxury tote bags, including the Marc Jacobs tote bag on Whering. Don’t get it twisted, yes we love the Marc Jacobs tote bag, but it’s not really a classic tote bag. Equally, there’s more to the tote bag than just the standard black tote bag with a random company name printed on it. Tote bags are an essential part of our main character routine. How else would we take our book to the coffee shop to buy an overpriced iced latte? It’s only right that the tote bag takes all your essentials including your film camera and sketch book from the cafe to the park so you can keep living your main character lifestyle. If you get it, you get it. You’ve seen the memes about the tote bag girlies going about their day- but don’t hate, because that’s literally us. The tote bag is a reliable bag that can fit a lot of stuff in, including some new charity shop purchases, because obviously we’re not getting a plastic bag, duh. That’s the beauty of tote bags, you can roll them up and transport them super easily within a bigger bag, so you’ll never have to pay 5p for a bag again (it all adds up, the money and the plastic waste!). A classic black tote bag is something we’ve all got somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it. Why not roll it up nice and small and leave it in the bag you use most, so whenever you go to the shop to grab a few bits (that turns into a half weekly shop) you’ve got a bag to put it all in. The tote bag will always have your back. If we still haven’t sold you on the tote bag lifestyle, maybe you’ll be swayed by the Marc Jacobs tote bag. A hybrid between the designer bag and humble tote bag, there’s a little bit of everyone in this iconic bag. Shop the classic Marc Jacobs tote bag on the Whering Marketplace thanks to Vestiaire Collective, our preloved luxury resale partner. We’ve had a look through their selection of tote bags so you’ll only see the best on the Whering Marketplace, because no one has time to scroll through hundreds of pages. Even when buying sustainable and preloved tote bags, that all important question: ‘Do I actually need this?’ still rings true. Take a moment to think about the last tote bag you bought (or got for free for that matter) and consider if it’s time to bring in a new one just yet. You can see and style what you already own on Whering so it’s easier than ever to see how the tote bag will look with your existing wardrobe. We’re one step ahead of you!

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