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A tankini is perfect for those who want to show a little skin without wearing a bikini. You can find tankini sets, tankini tops and tankinis with shorts on the Whering Marketplace. It’s easy to find a tankini that suits you and doesn’t hurt the planet, all thanks to our sustainable partner brands. Needless to say, a lot of swimwear brands use unsustainable materials to make their tankinis, bikinis and swimming costumes, which end up releasing harmful micro plastics into the sea, damaging sea life. When shopping for tankinis on Whering, you can find sustainable swimwear made by brands who put people and the planet first. Whether you’re looking for a classic tankini set, or you want to mix and match with a tankini with shorts and a different tankini top- we hope you find a tankini you love on Whering. We’ve seen people on Depop actually selling tankini tops as Y2K tops- so if this is your vibe, you could even wear a tankini top in your day to day life as well as swimming. Versatile items that can be worn in lots of ways are always a yes from us, so have a look into how you can make a tankini work for you- even if you don’t fancy it for swimwear. A tankini is a halfway house between a bikini and a swimming costume, it’s a great way to transition between the two styles if you’re unsure. We’re all about wearing whatever makes you feel most confident, and if that’s wearing a tankini set, a tankini with shorts or simply a tankini top, we’re here for it. Shop sustainable tankinis so you can step out in style, ethically! Imagine you’re heading out to the beach on holiday, feeling the warm white sand beneath your feet, about to order a beach side cocktail to complete the vibe. The only thing that could make this better is wearing swimwear you love, that won’t release micro plastics into the ocean. That’s why you should shop for tankinis on Whering. We make it easy to find sustainable swimwear, so you don’t have to search all over the web for a tankini set you’re eager to add to your basket. It’s common to buy a tankini, bikini or swimming costume and wear it for one year before getting rid of it. We’re pushing back against the buy-use-dispose model, offering an alternative way to consume fashion. It’s so important to invest in sustainable swimwear. Tankinis, bikinis and trunks count as items in your closet, so purchase with intention and invest in sustainable brands doing the most for the planet. It’s so easy to be drawn in by fast fashion brands selling tankini sets, tankinis with shorts and tankini tops for next to nothing, but these won’t last you more than a year, so resist and invest your money elsewhere, if you can.

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