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Finding a quality swimsuit to last years takes work. A lot of swimsuits for women aren’t made with long term wear in mind, as often people just buy them for one holiday and call it a day. So often we hear of people buying cheap swimsuits just for photos, when they already have plenty of swimsuits they could wear. Whether you’re looking for a tummy control swimsuit or stylish swimsuit that’s sustainable too, you can find good quality and ethically made swimsuits that will last you a lifetime on Whering. We know how important it is to have confidence in yourself when it comes to wearing swimsuits. No one wants to feel embarrassed or self conscious about how they look when wearing a swimsuit. We believe everybody is beautiful and we’re excited to help you feel your best in your new swimsuit. We have a variety of swimsuit shapes and styles to help you feel confident. Say goodbye to tummy control swimsuits and hello to funky swimsuits like cut-out swimsuits and asymmetrical swimsuits. Life is too short not to embrace who you are, so why waste time trying to control what’s natural? As we said, we know how much effort it is to find a quality swimsuit that holds its shape and colour after a summer full of action. Our editors have done the hard work for you and found a variety of brands that have put the people and the planet first with their swimsuits, making sure they are quality and made to last. We’re tired of fast fashion brands using unethical materials and harmful chemicals to dye their swimsuits, when the climate is in crisis. Whilst the cheap price tag of fast fashion swimwear can be tempting, remember that it won’t last you more than one summer. You’re better off investing time and money into finding a staple swimsuit you can wear for years to come. When browsing swimsuits for women on the Whering Marketplace, you can be sure they were created with people and the planet in mind as we’ve only partnered with sustainable brands using ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production methods. This way, they don’t overproduce swimsuits that end up being wasted, pay their workers a fair living wage and ensure that they work in safe labour conditions. Hundreds of brands are proving how easy it is to create ethical swimsuits when you put in time and effort into changing your business model - we’re waiting for more brands to follow suit. Even when shopping second hand and from vintage retailers, it’s still super important to make sure you’re buying a swimsuit you actually like and you can imagine wearing for years to come. Buying anything when you don’t need it isn’t sustainable, so be sure to download Whering to see and style what you already own to buy that swimsuit with confidence!

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