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A good suit jacket can make or break your look. Whether you’re looking for a mens suit jacket, womens suit jacket or unisex suit jacket, we have a range of styles and colours to fit everyone’s style. Will you go for one of our preloved luxury suit jackets, or are you looking for a new suit from one of our sustainable partner brands? Whatever takes your fancy, there’s something for you on the Whering Marketplace. Suit jackets complete your look, whether you’re heading to a wedding, a work presentation or a formal party, a suit jacket tops off the look. Keep it classy with a black suit jacket, or push the boat out with a checked suit jacket, or a cord style suit jacket. The colour, material and cut of a suit jacket can completely change the vibe of the outfit. Be sure to invest in a suit jacket you really love, so take your time going through our mens suit jackets and find one that suits your style. The fashion gurlies out there know that an oversized suit jacket can make a great addition to any outfit. If you’re looking for a jacket for when the weather won’t make up it’s mind - you’ll find a stunning suit jacket to tide you over. There are plenty of different styles of suit jacket from every era, all thanks to our resale vintage partners and Beyond Retro. There’s a different kind of jacket style for each era and price range: 1920s: During the Roaring Twenties, suit jackets had a boxy and loose-fitting silhouette. They were often single-breasted with wide lapels and a longer length. Three-button jackets were common, and pinstripes or herringbone patterns were popular. 1930s: In the 1930s, suit jackets became more fitted and tailored. Double-breasted jackets gained popularity, featuring peak lapels and a nipped-in waist. Jackets had a longer length and often had padded shoulders for a broad-shouldered look. 1940s: The 1940s saw a continuation of the tailored look, with suit jackets emphasising broad shoulders and a strong V-shaped silhouette. Double-breasted jackets were still prevalent, but single-breasted jackets with wide peak lapels also became popular. Fabrics like tweed and houndstooth were commonly used. 1950s: In the 1950s, suit jackets became more streamlined and less boxy. Single-breasted jackets with narrow lapels were in fashion, often featuring two or three buttons. The jackets had a shorter length and a slim, tailored fit. Fabrics like sharkskin and glen plaid were popular choices. 1960s: The 1960s brought a more mod and slim-fit aesthetic to suit jackets. Single-breasted jackets with narrow lapels and a two-button closure were fashionable. Jackets had a shorter length, and patterns such as windowpane checks and bold plaids gained popularity. 1970s: The 1970s saw a shift towards wider lapels and a more relaxed fit. Double-breasted jackets with wide peak lapels were in vogue. Bold patterns, such as wide pinstripes and large checks, were popular choices for suit jackets.

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