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Sportswear can be sustainable too! Level up your sportswear collection with sustainably made sportswear, including womens sportswear, mens sportswear and unisex sportswear. We’ve partnered with ethical brands who people and the planet first, so you can shop for sportswear that will keep you motivated on your fitness and sustainability journey. We know everyone’s fave sportswear is Columbia sportswear or Castore sportswear, but we’re pushing the boat out a little further with ethically made sportswear from amazing brands you might not have heard of. When we think of sportswear we don’t automatically think of style, but just because you’re in sportswear doesn’t mean your style has to be compromised. We’re all about investing in your wardrobe, and that includes sportswear, so we think it’s best to take the time to find sportswear you love as much as Columbia sportswear so you will wear it for years to come. When you find sportswear that reflects your style, you’re far more likely to wear it for years to come, so you know it was a worthwhile investment. When you feel your best you can smash your workout - don’t skip on sustainable and stylish sportswear, found on the Whering Marketplace. Maybe you’re not even into working out but you just like the sporty style? If that’s the case, we get it! Sporty vibes are majorly Y2K, and we’re obsessed. A simple headband can be the sporty accessory you need to showcase your style. If you want to take your sportswear style one step further, why not try wearing a slazenger skort for the ultimate sporty gal vibes. We love the look of a skort, so don’t miss our range of vintage sportswear courtesy of our vintage resale partners, Beyond Retro, Vestiaire Collective and Lampoo. When buying sportswear on the Whering Marketplace, you can be sure they were created with people and the planet in mind as we’ve only partnered with sustainable brands using ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production methods. This way, they don’t overproduce sportswear that ends up being wasted, pay their workers a fair living wage and ensure that they work in safe labour conditions. Hundreds of brands are proving how easy it is to create ethical sportswear when you put in time and effort into changing your business model - we’re waiting for more brands to follow suit. Even when shopping second hand and from vintage retailers, it’s still super important to make sure you’re buying a sportswear you actually like and you can imagine wearing for years to come. Buying anything when you don’t need it isn’t sustainable, so be sure to download Whering to see and style what you already own to buy that snood with confidence!

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