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Sneakers are a comfortable and classic shoe we all need in our wardrobe. For days when you’re not sure what shoes to wear, you feel like wearing something casual or you’ll be doing a lot of walking, sneakers are the shoes you need. Whether you’re an eco queen looking for Veja sneakers, or you’ve got your eye on vintage designer like Alexander McQueen sneakers, Golden Goose sneakers or Balenciaga sneakers - there’s something for you on the Whering Marketplace. Everyone needs a pair of sneakers they can trust. We don’t want blisters here! Veja sneakers are great because they are made of vegan leather (you can also buy normal leather ones too), so if you’re not into supporting animal products but you want some quality leather sneakers to last a life-time, that’s no issue! You’ll find a stunning selection of Veja sneakers to take you from A to B in style. If you’re more of a designer lover, that’s fine too! Our partners Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo, Luisa Via Roma are bringing you sneakers from iconic designers that you can’t find on sale in stores. Shop unique vintage designer sneakers including Alexander McQueen sneakers, golden goose sneakers, and Balenciaga sneakers to name a few. There’s so much designer footwear out there it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the options. Don’t worry, our editors have hand picked a range of sneakers from Alexander McQueen, Golden Goose, Balenciaga and more brands you love so you can find a pair of sneakers to suit your style. How do you style sneakers? We’re still obsessed with Lily Allen’s ball gown and trainers look. Sneakers are a great shoe that can be worn casually with jeans and a jumper, or used to take your outfit to the next level when you pair them with something dressy. One way we love to wear sneakers is with a maxi dress. It’s the perfect casual yet cute outfit for exploring a new city, going to lunch or visiting a museum or gallery. There’s nothing you can’t do in sneakers! We love feeling unstoppable in our sneakers, sustainably sourced on the Whering Marketplace, duh. Even when shopping second hand and from vintage retailers, it’s still super important to make sure you’re buying sneakers you actually like and you can imagine wearing for years to come. Buying anything when you don’t need it isn’t sustainable, so be sure to download Whering to see and style what you already own to buy those sneakers with confidence! Which sneakers will you go for? Veja sneakers, Alexander McQueen sneakers, golden goose sneakers, or Balenciaga sneakers?

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