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Take it from us, slippers are a must have home comfort. It’s only natural to put them on as soon as you step in the door, because who has time for discomfort? Whatever your style, why compromise? Browse our selection of womens slippers today and find your perfect pair so you can look stylish while you stay in. The Whering Marketplace has everything from slipper boots, slip ons and sliders. Who said loungewear can’t be cute? We’ve searched high and low for the perfect slippers for ladies (and everyone who wants to get *comfy*) because we understand how important comfort is. Sit back and relax with a pair of slippers. But let’s be honest for a sec, it’s not easy to relax with everything that’s going on in the world. That’s why shopping sustainably is good for the planet and for your mind. Rest easy knowing you’ve done your bit by supporting a business that practises fair labour and uses ethical materials to manufacture slippers, sliders, slipper boots and everything else slipper related. Sustainability is always important, so be sure to think about the impact of your loungewear on the planet, and have a flick through our range of ethically approved slippers. Feel at peace in your mind and body with environmentally friendly footwear! Slippers can often be made from harmful materials. It’s easy to forget about sustainability when you’re not shopping for your day to day wear, but for truly a sustainable lifestyle, all aspects of our wardrobe need to be considered. Quality slippers will last you years, so look no further than our Whering Marketplace to find a curated selection of ethical loungewear so you can get comfy ASAP! Why not swap your platform boots for your slipper boots? We know you’re a fashion queen but no one can look perfect 24/7. Give your feet a rest and shut the outside world out with your slipper boots on. Picture yourself curled up on the sofa, watching your favourite comfort film with snacks (or maybe even your dinner if you’re in full chill mode), all that’s left to complete the picture are a stunning pair of sustainable slippers. Find yours on the Whering Marketplace and unlock new levels of comfort today.

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