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Shop skorts on the Whering Marketplace, including slazenger skorts, black skorts and more from our range of skorts for women. Skorts are making a come back! We’re so excited for sporty fashion this summer, and a skort is the perfect way to get involved. Whether you’re wearing skorts during actual physical activity, or you just love the sporty vibes - there’s something for you on the Whering Marketplace. Shop every kind of skort including slazenger skorts, black skorts and more. We have ethically made skorts, brought to you by brands who put people and the planet first by paying their workers a fair living wage and ensuring they work in safe conditions, making garments out of materials that don’t harm the planet. You can shop for skorts from iconic sports brands like slazenger all thanks to our vintage resale partners who have stunning and sporty styles from all your fave sports brands including Slazenger and Puma. How do you style a skort? They’re different vibes to skirts, as they’re a little more casual. You can live out your mini skirt fantasy without feeling on edge about how short your skirt is, with a skort. They really are a practical option for when a mini skirt might not be the best idea. This summer, we’re imagining styling our skorts with Y2K tops and pairing them with cowboy boots to contrast the vibes. A slazenger skort and cowboy boots is the combo we never knew we needed, but we’re deffo all for it. There’s something about contrast that always creates a great outfit. A black skort is a wardrobe staple everyone needs. Everyone loves a mini skirt, but there’s no denying that sometimes they aren’t the most practical thing to wear. A skort is a great alternative for when you want to look stylish, but you’re having an active day- whether it’s walking or playing sports etc. Styling a black skort is especially easy as it pretty much goes with everything in your wardrobe. Style it the same way you would a black mini skirt, with a small cropped top or oversized jacket and platforms for a night out. As long as you feel confident, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking the skort. If you’re not sure whether skorts are for you, you can try-before-you-buy using our ‘Wear it With’ feature that lets you see and style what you already own with your existing wardrobe. That way, you can see how compatible a skort is with clothes you already own, so if you decide to buy it you know it’s going to be an asset to your wardrobe. Find vintage Slazenger skorts to elevate your outfit on the Whering Marketplace, all thanks to our preloved partners. You can shop skorts by brands you love to get the look you want at no expense of the planet! Even when buying second hand and vintage fashion, it’s still super important to ensure you’re buying items that reflect your style and go with what you already own. Shopping responsibly is the best thing you can do for the planet!

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