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A suit skirt is an easy way to look put together and professional. Whether you’re heading to a work presentation or you just like the preppy style, a suit skirt is a must have. Vintage suit skirts are always stunning, which is why we’re happy to be partnered with iconic vintage platforms including Lampoo and Vestiaire Collective, so you can shop for preloved luxury suit skirts that you can’t find on the highstreet. Browse of our range of ladies skirt suits today. We’ve got suit skirts to suit (no pun intended) every style and price range - you can shop for suit skirts from Beyond Retro on the Whering Marketplace. Beyond Retro provides affordable vintage fashion that doesn’t miss on quality and style. Whether you’re looking for a suit skirt to match something you already own or you’re looking for a two piece set, Beyond Retro has affordable and stylish suit skirts. Our editors have searched high and low for the hottest ladies skirt suits out there, so whatever your gender expression you will be looking fire in a vintage skirt suit from Whering. Suit skirts aren’t just to be paired with blazers. You can find swimming skirt suits also on our marketplace. We love a swimming suit skirt and having ethical swimwear is so important. So often swimwear is made out of unsustainable materials that don’t biodegrade, that’s why we’re proud to be partnered with swimwear brands bringing you swimming skirt suits that have been made with people and the planet in mind. All of our partner brands, whether they’re making a suit skirt or a swimming skirt suit, use ethical materials and pay their workers a fair living wage to work in safe labour conditions. You can shop on Whering knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet, but don’t forget to make sure you’re buying something you really love that you’ll get plenty of wear out of. We love pairing suit skirts with blazers, obviously, but there’s so many other ways to style them. Pair a suit skirt with a cute cardigan or sweatshirt for the preppy but casual vibes. We suggest wearing a cropped or fitted top with a suit skirt under the cardigan or sweatshirt so the t-shirt fabric doesn’t interfere with your outer layer. As for shoes, a classic pair of mary janes top off the preppy vibes perfectly- but you can also pair with platform boots to give your outfit a bit of edge. If you’re not sure if the suit skirt is for you, choose one you love from our range of ladies suit skirts and add it to your wardrobe on Whering. From here you can style the suit skirt you’ve got your eye on with your existing wardrobe, so you can see how it will go with what you already own. We’re making it easy to purchase with confidence, so you can love your wardrobe and get maximum wear out of every new purchase. Be sure to check in with yourself before buying a suit skirt, even if it’s second-hand- do I actually like this? How much wear will I get out of this? It’s so important to think carefully before buying clothes, even when they’re second hand.

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