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Looking for a fun style of skirt that can be styled in multiple ways? The skater skirt is calling! We love skater skirts at Whering, they’re giving us a serious throwback to when we were in highschool, but we’re happy to see them coming back into fashion. Whatever kind of skater skirt you’re looking for, whether it’s a black skater skirt, leather skater skirt or red skater skirt, we have a variety of skater skirts all ethically sourced or made by ethical brands. A skater skirt isn’t actually for ice skaters, it’s just inspired by that circular silhouette we all know and love! If you’re looking to add a girly touch to your outfit, a skater skirt is an easy way to do it. They’re playful and fun pieces that work as a great canvas to style the rest of your outfit around. We don’t see that many people rocking skater skirts, which means it’s hard to draw inspiration from others on how to style them. As usual, our editors have an eye for style and they’ve found a variety of skater skirts that can be styled in multiple ways. Here are our fave ways to style a skater skirt, whether it’s a black skater skirt, leather skater skirt or red skater skirt: Choose the right length: Skater skirts come in different lengths, so it's important to select one that suits your body shape and personal style. We love the mid-thigh, but you can also go for a slightly longer or shorter version if that’s your style! Pair it with a fitted top: Since skater skirts are flared, it's best to balance the look with a fitted top. Tuck in a blouse, a button-down shirt, or a fitted T-shirt to create a polished and streamlined silhouette. The contrast of tight and loose pieces is always a yes from us. Experiment with different fabrics: Skater skirts come in various fabrics, such as denim, cotton, leather, or even lace. Choose the fabric that suits the occasion and season. A denim skater skirt can create a casual, everyday look, while a lace or leather one can add a touch of edginess for a night out. There’s endless options! Add layers for dimension: Skater skirts can be styled with layers to create a more dynamic outfit. You can wear a cropped jacket, a cardigan, or a fitted blazer on top of your chosen top. This not only adds warmth but also adds depth and texture to your look. It’s a guaranteed slay. Play with patterns and colours: Skater skirts provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with different patterns and colours. You can opt for a solid-coloured skirt and pair it with a patterned top or vice versa. Mixing and matching different patterns can create a unique and eye-catching outfit. Accessorise wisely: Accessories can elevate your skater skirt. Choose the right shoes to match the skirt and the vibe of your outfit—flats or trainers for a casual look, heels, platforms or ankle boots for a dressier moment. Don't forget to add jewellery, a bag, or a hat to top everything off. Consider the season: Skater skirts are wearable in all seasons. In the warmer months, you can pair them with sandals or platforms and a cropped top. In colder weather, layer up with tights or leggings, boots, and a cosy sweater or jacket. The key to styling a skater skirt is to have fun and experiment with different combinations until you find the look that reflects your personal style. Invest in a skater skirt you know you’re going to love long term!

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