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A shawl is the perfect thing to throw on when you’re looking for a light layer to add a little extra warmth when it gets cooler in the summer evenings. Shawls, including pashmina shawls, are great for throwing on when you get out of the sea or the pool to keep you warm in that limbo stage as you’re warming up. It’s not just summer that shawls come in handy - they make a classy addition to your evening dress if you’re attending a formal event when a coat can’t be worn indoors. Feeling cold is not a vibe, but a shawl can help protect you without compromising your style. Browse our selection of shawls including pashmina shawls, shawls for women and unisex shawls. We have partnered with vintage resale platforms to bring you a variety of shawls from luxury designers so you can feel like a million dollars when you wear a shawl. What kind of shawl have you got your eye on? A pashmina shawl, lace shawl or fringe shawl? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no denying that a shawl isn’t an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. So if you need to do a little more thinking before you invest in a shawl, that’s completely understandable! To check you’re interested in a shawl, you can use our ‘Wear it With’ feature to see and style what you already own with a shawl you’ve got your eye on. It couldn’t be easier to purchase a shawl with confidence, which is important when it comes to shopping sustainably. It’s hard to style shawls when you first buy one, they can be a little difficult to pair with things. That’s why we’ve curated a list of how we love to style shawls so you can step out in confidence! Classic Draped Look: This is the simplest and most common way to wear a shawl. Drape it around your shoulders, allowing it to hang loosely at the front. Adjust the length and positioning based on your preference. This style works well with lightweight, flowy shawls. Belted Shawl: For a more defined and put-together look, try belting your shawl at the waist. Place the shawl around your shoulders as usual, then add a belt around your waist to cinch it in. This style works particularly well with oversized or chunky shawls. One Shoulder Wrap: For a chic asymmetrical look, drape the shawl over one shoulder, allowing it to hang diagonally across your torso. Secure it with a brooch or let it drape naturally. This style works best with longer shawls to get the hanging silhouette. Shawl as a Poncho: Transform your shawl into a poncho-like garment by folding it diagonally to create a triangle shape. Place the folded edge on your shoulders, with the point hanging down your back. Adjust the positioning and secure it with a pin or brooch if that’s the vibe you’re going for. Layered Look: Layer your shawl over a simple outfit to add dimension and texture. Pair it with a basic top, jeans, and boots or sneakers. Let the shawl hang loosely around your shoulders or experiment with different draping techniques. These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Feel free to experiment with different shawl sizes, textures, and colours to find the styles that suit your personal taste.

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