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Sandals are the shoes we dream of getting out of the closet, because when the sandals are out, so is the sun. There’s nothing better than waking up and knowing that whatever you throw on will keep you warm thanks to the sun beating down on you once you step out the door. The only option for shoes: sandals. Shop all your fave sandal brands including Birkenstock sandals and Dr Marten sandals to find sandals you’ll never want to part with. At Whering, we understand the assignment, that’s why we have a whole host of sandals for women, including platform sandals, designer sandals and ethically made sandals thanks to our sustainable partner brands. It’s essential to invest in good quality sandals to take you from A to B. Whether you’re wearing them on holiday exploring a new city or just chilling in the garden, it’s safe to say throughout the warmer months sandals definitely see a lot of wear and tear. Buying a quality pair you genuinely love is the most cost effective way to shop for sandals, so you won’t have to buy a new pair every year. Spend some time scrolling through the Whering Marketplace and you’ll find sandals you love so that you don’t have to repeat the process in a year's time. Our favourite sandals have to be the classic birkenstocks, shortly followed by Dr Marten sandals. Thanks to our partners Vestiaire Collective and Lampoo, you can shop for both and find a stunning pair no longer on sale in stores! We like to style birkenstock sandals with basically anything, because there’s nothing they don’t go with. If we had to narrow it down, we’d say a pair of floaty trousers and a crop top is the way to go with a pair of birkenstock sandals. Embody the chill and summery vibes of the shoes with the free flowing trousers whilst you feel confident in a crop top under the sun. The vibes are immaculate. We’re also loving Dr Marten sandals for the fact the platform Dr Marten sandals add so much edge to an outfit. Pair Dr marten sandals with a maxi dress and we guarantee you will feel amazing. Digitise your outfit on Whering so you don’t forget it! It’s not only platform Dr Marten sandals that we’re obsessed with, the classic Dr Marten platforms are also a yes from us. Sometimes you don’t feel like stomping around in platform shoes, and that’s where these sandals come in. For a low key shoe you can trust, the Dr Marten sandals are a comfortable and reliable way to go. Yes, they do take a little bit of time to break in, but no pain no gain right? We’re in it for the long haul, because we know how comfy Dr Marten sandals are when they have finally moulded to your fit. We promise it’s worth the wait. Pair Dr Marten sandals with anything from denim shorts, long and short skirts- or even jeans when it’s a little cooler out. Dr Marten sandals are a staple shoe you can’t go wrong with. Our selection of sandals for women has something for everyone. See and style what you already own with Whering. Even when buying ethically made or second hand shoes it’s important to think whether you actually need them. Try before you buy so you can add to your wardrobe with confidence! Discover what wardrobe staples await you with our selection of womens sandals from Birkenstocks, Dr Martens and more of your fave brands.

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