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Pyjamas are everyone’s best friend when it comes to comfort. If you don’t have a comfy pair of Pyjamas that get you excited to go to bed, you need them. Find sustainable loungewear that ticks all your boxes on the Whering Marketplace. There’s something about Christmas Pyjamas that hits different. Those who love loungewear know exactly what we mean! Whether you’re shopping for pyjamas for men, pyjamas for women or pyjamas for them, you can find a pair that don’t cost the earth on the Whering Marketplace. Did you know that a lot of lounge wear, including pyjamas, are often made using unsustainable materials that don’t biodegrade easily? Pyjamas are usually left out of the sustainability conversation but they are still incredibly important to purchase with intention. Primark and other fast fashion stores have incredibly cheap prices which entice a lot of shoppers, but the low price of the lounge wear reveals the low quality of the pyjamas and the limited rights for those making the garments. When you buy sustainable pyjamas from the Whering Marketplace, you can be sure they are made with ethical fabric by businesses who prioritise the welfare of their workers. Our partner brand Wolf & Badger stock a whole host of pyjamas, including Christmas Pyjamas (of course!), pyjamas for men and ladies pyjamas, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re trying to find the silk pyjamas of your dreams to help you unwind in style, or you’re looking for some cute pj shorts for a holiday with friends, we’ve searched far and wide to find the cutest sustainable pyjamas so you can get comfy and cozy in style. Pyjamas aren’t usually something we buy for ourselves, they’re mostly gifts. Who doesn’t love unwrapping their Christmas Pyjamas on Christmas morning? People complain, but Christmas pyjamas are low key the best present we get every year. Nothing compares to the feeling of putting on your fresh pyjamas, whether that’s on Christmas morning so you can activate full chill mode, or if you like to wait until the evening to save yourself a treat, the feeling of wearing your Christmas pyjamas for the first time is always a good vibe. If you’re looking for some cute and sustainable pyjamas for the men or women in your life, look no further than the Whering Marketplace. You might be thinking, “how can pyjamas be sustainable? I’m not buying second hand pyjamas!” We don’t blame you, because tbh, neither would we. Pyjamas can be sustainable in many other ways, even when brand new. Take the time to find pyjamas made from ethical materials by companies with an eco conscience. Translating your values from the rest of your wardrobe over to your pyjama drawer might be hard, but it’s important nevertheless. It’s not as deep as checking you can style your pyjamas with other things in your wardrobe, but don’t impulse buy random pyjamas you don’t need! Take time to think if you need a new pair and if you actually like them when shopping for pyjamas for yourself. It’s a novelty form of self care, so why not take your time finding the perfect pair on the Whering Marketplace.

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