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Buying new pyjama bottoms is an underrated experience. New loungewear is high key a vibe. The feeling of climbing into clean sheets with new pyjamas on is unparalleled. You’ll find mens pyjama bottoms, womens pyjama bottoms and classic checked pyjama bottoms on the Whering Marketplace. Pyjama bottoms and ethically made pjs are an important part of your sustainable fashion journey, so don’t overlook the importance of pyjama bottoms when it comes to shopping sustainably. Stuck on what to get your bestie for their birthday? A pair of quality and sustainably made pyjama bottoms is a lovely gift, you’re giving the gift of comfort as well as some lovely pyjama bottoms. Too many brands are using unsustainable materials to make pyjama bottoms that cost hardly anything just to make more profit, but at what cost? You can find cheap pyjamas on fast fashion sites that contain high percentages of polyester which is extremely bad for our planet. That’s why shopping for quality pyjama bottoms, including mens and womens pyjama bottoms, made by independent and sustainable brands is the way forward. Whoever you’re buying pyjamas for, we’ve got a wide selection of mens pyjama bottoms and womens pyjama bottoms - so there’s a style to suit anyone and everyone from printed checks to plain pjs. What’s your fave style of pyjama bottoms? Are you into leggings, loose trousers or little shorts? A good night’s sleep is dependent on your pyjama bottoms - so don’t hesitate to spend a little time finding some pyjama bottoms you love, they make more of a difference to your sleep than you might think. If you’re too hot or too cold you’ll deffo wake up in the night. It’s funny to think about, but how much wear do you get out of your pyjamas? If you’re not into wearing pyjama bottoms and you’re more of a baggy t-shirt queen, the same applies for when you’re shopping for actual clothes, don’t buy something if you’re not going to wear it. Pyjama bottoms aren’t a worthwhile purchase for all of us, so don’t waste your money if you’re not going to wear them, that’s not sustainable bestie. The Whering Marketplace has a range of pyjama bottoms so cute that you won’t be worried about heading to Tescos for your hungover brunch essentials in your loungewear. Whether you’re chilling on the sofa or sliding into bed for a good night's sleep, you should have quality pyjama bottoms you can trust. You can rest easy in your chill wear knowing it came from a brand that prioritises people and the planet in its production line. All pyjamas on the Whering Marketplace are made from ethical materials by brands who care about the planet, so you can shop with confidence and find pyjama bottoms you love.

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