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‘Where did you get your purse? I love it’ is what everyone wants to hear when they whip out their purse. With our vast selection of designer and sustainable purses, including Louis Vuitton purses, Radley purses and Michael Kors purses, you’ll be hearing those words in no time. If you haven’t succumbed to Apple Pay (props to you) and you’re still enjoying the novelty of an actual purse, it’s something worth investing in because you use it every single day. Purses go through serious wear and tear, whether you’re a big spender or not. That’s why investing in a quality purse from our selection of preloved luxury purses by your fave brands including Louis Vuitton purses, Radley purses and Michael Kors purses (to name just a few!) is deffo worth it. It’s a luxury having a quality designer purse that you love, so why not give one as a gift? Purses are something that we never really buy for ourselves, so why not take the time to have a gander through our selection of sustainably made and ethically sourced vintage purses from Louis Vuitton, Radley and Michael Kors to find one for someone special. They can think of you everytime they use their purse, cute right? Give a gift to remember and shop sustainable purses on Whering. Team Whering are obsessed with the Louis Vuitton purses. They are so beautifully hand crafted that we’re literally in shock at how gorgeous they are. They can be super expensive to buy when they are first designed so we usually admire them from a distance. Vestiaire Collective makes it possible to shop Louis Vuitton purses that are no longer in season or recent designs, but still stunning and 100% on our wishlist. The price is still hefty, but it reflects the quality of the Louis Vuitton purse that you can be sure you’ll have for years to come. If you fancy treating someone you love, why not invest in a gift they will be forever grateful for, and buy them a Louis Vuitton purse? Thank us later! We promise we won’t tell them it was our suggestion. Radley purses might be old school, but they’re still so cute and worth the money. They are a much cheaper option than the Louis Vuitton purse, and there are hundreds of Radley purses for sale on Vestiaire Collective. Made from real leather, these cult classic purses are an affordable investment that won’t let you down. If you need to buy a good quality purse to last for years but you don’t fancy splashing the cash, Radley purses are the perfect option. We don’t usually condone shopping for leather items, but when it’s second hand it’s okay in our books! If you’re looking for a designer but not sure what to go for, Michael Kors is a classic you can count on. They are also a fairly priced designer piece, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a quality purse under your belt. And if second hand isn’t your vibe, we’ve got plenty of brand new and sustainably sourced purses thanks to our partner brands Wolf & Badger, and Pangaia. Discover a range of sustainable and cute purses on the Whering Marketplace!

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