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Take a pair of heels and turn up the heat and you’ll get platform heels. For those that love to make a statement with their shoes, platform heels are the only thing you need to show you mean business. Tower above the haters and wear your look with pride, wherever you’re going. Forget platform converse, platform sandals and platform boots: it’s time for platform heels to shine. At Whering, we’re all about dressing to please yourself, which is why we’re so pleased to bring you a wide variety of platform heels from our sustainable partner brands and preloved luxury resale partners. Platform heels are fancy, but they’re not confined to those with a large budget, as we’ve got a variety of platform heels to suit all styles and price ranges. When was the last time you felt 100% confident in your outfit? We’re channelling our most confident selves everytime we step out the door, and we can always count on platform heels to amp up our look and make us feel excited about our outfit. You know those outfits where you wouldn’t care if you bumped into your ex or that person you really don’t want to see? Platform heels help us feel untouchable! They are always giving slay and that’s just how fashion works, get used to it! You might find us in platform converse, platform sandals or platform boots most of the time, but there’s a definite time and a place for platform heels. Platform heels are an occasion shoe for most of us (props to anyone who wears them on the reg), so it’s no surprise that sometimes people buy platform heels with a particular occasion in mind and then they never wear them again. This is not the vibe. We are all about thinking every purchase through and making sure it’s something we will love for years to come. We’re not saying you need to wear your platform heels every day, but we think you should buy them knowing you’ll be able to wear them to more events in the future. So, to be sure you’re investing in a pair of platform heels you love, use Whering to see and style what you already own with platform heels you’ve got your eye on. It’s simple, if you can style platform heels with lots of items you already own, you’re obviously more likely to wear them again. So what are you waiting for? Open up Whering and get styling bestie! There’s no need to waste time or money on a pair of platform heels you don’t love, because you don’t deserve crumbs, you deserve the whole cake. We’re applying that slogan to shoes now, don’t come for us. We can’t deny that it is hard to find sustainable shoes sometimes. It’s easy to find platform heels second hand, but if you’re not into second hand shoes it can be more difficult not to resort to shopping from fast fashion brands. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to find ethical platform heels you can trust. Everything you see on the Whering Marketplace is either vintage or made by a sustainable brand who put the people and the planet first. Gone are the days of supporting fast fashion brands who exploit their workers and don’t pay them a fair living wage or prioritise their safety.

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