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Platform sandals are the best shoes to wear when you want to let your feet breathe but you need a little extra height. We’re low key addicted to platforms and we couldn’t imagine life without them, which is why we’re so glad they exist in sandal form, so come summer we’re not left with flat shoes. It might sound dramatic, but at Whering, we understand the need for platform shoes you can trust, that’s why we’re bringing you a vast range of sustainably made and vintage platform sandals so you can find a pair you love that don’t cost the earth. Shop timeless black and white platform sandals to find a new staple sandal you can wear with basically everything you own. Life before we got our black platform sandals was different- it was so much harder to know what shoes to wear in summer. Black platform sandals really are the best choice if you’re looking to invest in a pair of sandals you can wear in countless ways and you don’t know where to start. We don’t need to tell you that black goes with everything, but we’re doing it anyway! If you’re not into your dark shades, try white platform sandals. They’re just as good for a staple shoe you can style in multiple ways, trust us! How do we style our platform sandals? It’s super easy to style black or white platform sandals, we like to pair them with a funkier item to jazz up the outfit. We’re partial to a printed maxi dress or a maxi skirt, and it’s no secret that these go great with platform sandals, for obvious reasons. If you’ve got a pair of platform sandals you really want to show off, maybe a gold pair of platform sandals or Gucci platform sandals, why not pair them with a short skirt or dress and make them the star of the show. As much as we love a versatile staple shoe like the black or white platform sandals, there’s no denying that a gold platform sandal is an iconic choice of footwear. You’re giving extravagance in every sense of the word and we are loving it! You can find quality and sustainably made gold platform sandals on the Whering Marketplace. Gold is a little harder to style than black and white, but it’s still a classic colour that’s giving major summer goddess vibes, so get into it. If you love brands, we get it. You can find platform sandals made by your favourite brands including Gucci platform sandals all thanks to our preloved luxury partners bringing you vintage platform sandals that have had a life before. If you don’t like the thought of your platform sandals having a life before you, we suggest doing some research into why second-hand fashion is so important for the future of our planet, and maybe you’ll change your mind. We need to make the most with what we’ve got, so it’s time to shop second hand. But if you’re still not convinced on second hand sandals, you can find lots of sustainably made platform sandals, in black, white, gold and more colours on the Whering Marketplace, all thanks to our sustainable brands who put people and the planet first.

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