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Pencil skirts are a great versatile piece that you need in your wardrobe if you love versatile pieces. Perfect for work or casual events, the pencil skirt can be dressed up and down in so many different ways. You can find the classic black pencil skirt, leather pencil skirts and a whole range of vintage and designer pencil skirts all thanks to our partner brands bringing you a variety of preloved and ethically made pencil skirts. How do we style pencil skirts? It depends on where we’re going, but if we’re wearing a black pencil skirt to work we usually pair it with a neutral or block colour shirt and an oversized black blazer. To finish off the fashionable yet professional vibes, we’ll pair it with a little pair of platform boots. It’s so easy to style a black pencil skirt for work. If you’re more of a colourful queen, an oversized blazer and pair of boots is always a vibe, it doesn’t have to just be for the black pencil skirt. To make the black pencil skirt more casual for day to day wear we’re loving pairing it with chunky trainers. A little bit of contrast always makes you look super stylish, that’s just how fashion works! We also love to add sunglasses and maybe even a cap to add more chill streetwear vibes to the classic black pencil skirt. If you like a more traditional outfit, wearing black pencil skirts with any kind of cropped top and oversized jacket is the perfect look for a night out. Speaking of nights out, whether you’re getting cocktails with your besties or you need to look slay for your partners’ birthday, a leather pencil skirt is a one way ticket to looking high key fashionable! Pencil skirts are always a great option for an effortlessly stylish outfit, but why not take it one step further with a leather pencil skirt when you really want to dress to impress? A black leather pencil skirt screams stylish. We suggest pairing a leather black pencil skirt with chunky gold or silver jewellery to add to the classy yet edgy vibes. Find ethically sourced pencil skirts from our vintage partners (including black pencil skirt, pencil skirts, leather pencil skirt and more) as well as our sustainable partner brands that have invested time and effort into ensuring their workers are paid a fair living wage, working in safe labour conditions. You don’t need to support brands that don’t put people and the planet first because it couldn’t be easier to find incredible brands doing their bit for the planet. We’ve got you covered: a marketplace full of ethical brands and vintage wear. So you can find wardrobe essentials like pencil skirts from ethical brands in no time at all. Not sure if pencil skirts are for you? That’s where we come in! We want people to make considered purchases and have faith in items they’re adding to their wardrobe, and that’s why we created our ‘Wear it With’ feature. Users can see and style what they already own with clothes they want to buy so they know their new purchase will be an asset to their wardrobe. The next pencil skirt you purchase is here to stay!

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