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Take on the day with a parka coat. The Whering Marketplace has womens parka coats, mens parka jackets and unisex parka coats. There’s a whole host of parka coats and jackets to choose from so you can be confident in your outfit. Everyone knows how a new parka coat or jacket can completely transform your outfit. Let’s be real, a good coat (such as a parka) is the difference between a great outfit and an average outfit. Elevate your style game with a vintage or sustainably made parka from our partner brands. You can shop second hand to find a parka you love. Coats and jackets, including parkas, are some of the easiest things to shop second hand for. People are always selling their old parka jackets and coats, which is why you’ll find such a wide variety on the Whering Marketplace, all thanks to our partners Vestiaire Collective, bringing you hundreds of preloved parkas. Parka coats are a great jacket for when it’s both cold and rainy, for those in between days, as they keep you warm, stylish, and they have a large hood to keep you sheltered from the rain. What could be better? As well as being super warm and waterproof, parkas are really easy to style. They’re usually made in neutral colours like khaki, brown or black, so they go with most of your wardrobe and can be easily added to so many different outfits. A parka is a casual coat, perfect for dressing up and down depending on the occasion. There’s nothing better than going for a walk followed by a classic pub lunch - a parka is the ideal coat as it’s practical and stylish. Say no more! We’re sick of having to choose between warmth and style, but with a parka coat or jacket, you can have both. Coats (including parkas) are often made from unsustainable materials due to the thick padded nature of the coat and the lining inside. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a parka that’s been made from ethical materials by brands who care about people and the planet. You can be sure that any parkas you see on Whering, including womens parka coats, parka jackets for men and them will be made from ethically sourced materials, or vintage. All of our partner brands prioritise putting people and the planet first, by paying their workers a living wage and ensuring they work in safe working conditions. Brands such as Pangaia are proving that brands can easily be sustainable if they invest time and money into sustainable practices. The parka may be a classic, but that hasn’t stopped brands putting a modern twist on the jacket of everyone’s dreams. You’ll find a modernised version of the parka on the Whering Marketplace, all thanks to our partnership with Pangaia, who are constantly finding new ways to make wardrobe essentials from materials that haven’t come at the expense of our climate. Not sure if a parka is your vibe? See and style what you already own with a parka you’ve got your eye on, using our ‘Wear it With’ feature so you can make purchases with confidence.

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