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Did someone say knickers? Yes, we did! Whether you call them knickers, panties or pants, ethical underwear is out there, so you can make every part of your wardrobe sustainable. We know not everyone has the money to invest in eco-friendly underwear, and that’s totally fine, but it’s important to invest in quality underwear you’ll love for years to come so you’re not having to buy new knickers every few months. Wherever you’re buying your knickers from, try and invest in some you know you’ll like long term that will stand the test of time. A new pair of knickers low key makes us feel unstoppable, especially when they’re sustainable. It’s always a vibe the first time you wear a new pair of knickers, there’s something about a good pair of pants that makes you feel like you can take on the world. As much as we love that new underwear feeling, we’re sustainable gurlies, so you won’t find us buying knickers unless we actually need them. If you have a bit of extra cash and you actually need new knickers (because buying anything when you don’t need it is unsustainable, even when you’re buying from an ethical brand) we suggest having a look through the Whering Marketplace to find some sustainable underwear you’ll love. Shop a variety of knickers for whatever your underwear style. Yes, you can have style, even when it comes to underwear- if you don’t know yours, browse our selection of ethical knickers and find out. Our partner brands have spent time finding the perfect materials and styles to make you happy, because no one should underestimate the power of a good pair of knickers. Sustainable underwear could actually make a great present for an eco-conscious friend or partner. Have a browse through ethical knickers, pants and panties on the Whering Marketplace and find something you know they will love. When buying knickers on the Whering Marketplace, you can be sure they were created with people and the planet in mind as we’ve only partnered with sustainable brands using ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production methods. This way, they don’t overproduce knickers that end up being wasted, pay their workers a fair living wage and ensure that they work in safe labour conditions. Hundreds of brands are proving how easy it is to create ethical underwear when you put in time and effort into changing your business model - we’re waiting for more brands to follow suit. When buying any kind of knickers, even those from a sustainable brand, it’s super important to think about whether or not you actually like them. Do they reflect your style? Will you love this item for years to come? If the answer is no, it could be time to reconsider whether knickers are the right thing to add to your wardrobe. Use Whering to discover ethical underwear brands so you can make purchases with confidence.

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