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If you haven’t caught onto the nightdress trend, it’s not too late. Nightdresses are all the range when it comes to sexy vintage day wear (or night wear, duh), and we’re deffo here for it. If you want to look effortlessly stylish, a nightdress could be all you need to add to your wardrobe. Come rain or shine, a cotton nightdress, satin nightdress can be dressed up or down to help you take on the day in style. Despite the name, nightdresses aren’t just for night time! You can turn these stunning slip dresses into day dresses with a little layering! Pair a cute nightdress with a turtleneck, t-shirt or long sleeved top underneath to make it more appropriate for day time. It depends on your preferences, but a vintage nightdress is an absolute steal. We know not everyone is team second hand when it comes to nightdresses, but from our experience they’re the same as any piece of vintage clothing, after a wash it’s good as new. They give you a 90s vibe instantly, so for those going for that look you know a nightdress is a great option. Whether you’re looking for a nightdress to lounge around in style, or a cutesy dress to jazz up your wardrobe, we’ve got a selection of cotton nightdresses, nightdresses for ladies and satin nightdresses to choose from. For those looking for a nightdress to let them lounge in style, a cotton nightdress is your best bet. They’re comfortable and breathable fabric so you can chill and look good while you’re at it. If you’re having a slumber party with friends, maybe you’re looking for a cute nightdress to complete the vibe? We’ve got plenty of ethically made lounge wear on our marketplace made using sustainable materials that don’t hurt the planet or people. You can rest easy in a comfortable nightdress knowing the fabric didn’t come at the cost of the planet. Often when people think of sustainable fashion, they don’t see the need to make their pjs sustainable, but it’s always important to keep the environment in mind when buying any new textiles. So have a gander through our selection of new nightdresses, brought to you by our ethical partner brands. There’s so much for you to discover on the Whering Marketplace. If you’re looking for a satin nightdress, maybe you’re on the hunt for some stunning nightwear, or a vintage dress to wear in the day. Whatever you want a night dress for, you can find some high quality preloved and designer nightdresses, including cotton nightdresses and satin night dresses, on the Whering Marketplace all thanks to our preloved partners including Vestiaire Collective and Beyond Retro. Even when shopping for lounge wear including nightdresses, both cotton and satin nightdresses, it’s important to think about whether or not you really need it. Textiles come at a cost, so be sure you can justify a new purchase and you know you’re going to wear it. See and style what you already own with potential purchases on Whering.

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