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Vivienne Westwood necklaces are a cult classic necklace that everyone and their mother wants to get their hands on. If you’re looking for the Vivienne Westwood necklace of your dreams you’ll find several of her iconic necklaces thanks to our partner Vestiaire Collective stocking hundreds of vintage necklaces by Vivenne Westwood and other iconic designers and brands, such as Pandora and Tiffany. You can’t go wrong with a classic pearl necklace. It's a staple piece of jewellery that works with so many outfits. That’s why we love necklaces, they’re the icing on the cake of your look. Even though there was a distinct lack of necklaces at many award shows this year, we’re still obsessed. Necklaces could be the missing piece in your outfit, especially a Vivienne Westwood necklace, Pandora Necklace or a Tiffany Necklace. These necklace designers always deliver on style and quality, so shop second hand necklaces you love on Whering. Did you know low quality jewellery is unsustainable because it doesn’t last and it’s often made from materials that are bad for the planet, such as plastic? Buying inexpensive necklaces may seem like a win at the time, but when cheap necklaces only last you a matter of months it’s not worth the money, even when they are affordable. We suggest investing in a necklace from quality designers you can trust such as Vivienne Westwood and brands like Pandora and Tiffany. You’ll find so many different necklace designs, including the iconic Vivienne Westwood spaceship necklace for those wanting to make a statement, or a classic pearl necklace for those who love the understated and stylish look. Shopping for designer necklaces second hand is a great way to save money and ensure you’re getting a quality necklace to last a lifetime. A beautiful Vivienne Westwood necklace, whether it’s the spaceship design or not, makes a thoughtful and memorable gift for a friend or family member. It’s a statement piece but can be worn with so many different outfits for day or night time looks, so you can be sure your fit will be ten times better with a necklace. A pearl necklace is an undeniable classic that remains timeless even in this day and age. Add a little class to your look with a vintage pearl necklace. You can serve Coco Chanel realness in seconds by pairing it with a little black dress of your choice. If you need a way to make an outfit more formal or appropriate for the evening time, a pearl necklace is a great way to go. You might not fancy scrolling through the pages of seemingly identical (yet still completely stunning) vintage pearl necklaces on our partner brand sites, Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo and Luisa Via Roma. We’re pleased to say that the Whering Marketplace makes it super easy to browse preloved luxury jewellery from all your favourite brands and designers, as we have everything in one place. Shop the iconic Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace, perfect for making a subtle statement at your next event, whether it’s a wedding or a friend's birthday party, a gorgeous necklace is never out of place. You can also find cult classic necklaces from Pandora for a fail safe birthday or valentine’s day gift for someone you love. Our love language is jewellery (and words of affirmation, but that’s for another time) so we’re willingly accepting anyone who wants to treat us to a necklace from Tiffanys. Shop stunning second hand necklaces on the Whering Marketplace.

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