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The midi dress is a great in between season piece. Whether it’s a black midi dress, long sleeve midi dress or patterned midi dress, you can find the midi dress you’ve been looking for on the Whering Marketplace. Who said midi dresses are just for women? Whatever your style, you can find a midi dress that you’ll be excited to wear on Whering, because getting dressed up should always make you feel your best. The black midi dress is a wardrobe essential. When you don’t know what to wear, the black midi dress will help you look fashionable, sleek and put together in seconds. There’s something about that in between length that makes you look fashionable. The midi dress means business. It looks like a difficult dress to pull off, but trust us, it’s easy. Like anything, the midi dress takes confidence to wear, but once you’ve done it once you’ll see how easy it is. Pair the black midi dress with a black leather jacket and some black heeled boots for a monochrome high fashion look. When in doubt, an all black fit always levels up your outfit game in seconds, and the black midi dress is no exception. We love that midi dresses are seasonally transitional too, as they are a bit longer they are great for wearing in spring and autumn, or in cool summer evenings. But who’s to stop you rocking the midi dress in winter as well if you’re brave enough? If you’re into the seasonal transition vibe, a long sleeved midi dress could be your next fashion investment. There for you whenever you’re not sure if you’ll be too hot or too cold, the long sleeved midi dress is the perfect in between piece. Styling midi dresses is kind of a grey area, but it’s not as hard as it seems. We see you googling how to style midi dresses for women, and we’re here to help you. As we said, midi dresses are for anyone brave enough to style them. Our personal favourite is pairing a black midi dress with a brighter jacket and some trainers for a day to day casual look. You can level up your midi dress for an evening out with a fur coat (faux obvs!) and some heeled boots. To go the extra mile, why not add some statement earrings and tie up your hair? You’ll be ready for the night ahead in minutes! Our partner brands are bringing you ethically made and vintage midi dresses so you can find a one of a kind gem you will fall in love with. We can’t wait to see what type of midi dress you go for. Will it be the classic black midi dress, long sleeved midi dress or something a little more out there? Even when buying from sustainable brands or second hand, investing in clothing you love that truly reflects your personal style and is compatible with the rest of your wardrobe is essential. Use Whering to see and style what you already own so you can try before you buy and have confidence in every purchase you make!

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