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Can we get a round of applause for the maxi dress?! Maxi dresses are a great option for the lazy besties out there who want to look fashionable but can’t be bothered with all the layering and styling of putting together an outfit. Simply throw on a maxi dress and you’ll be the most stylish person in the room, no doubt. Whering has all the maxi dresses you could ever want, including the classic black maxi dress and the long sleeved maxi dress for when you’re making it work in winter. That’s just one of the things we love about maxi dresses, the versatility. They can be worn across seasons with a little thing called *layering*. A long sleeved top under a maxi dress or a chunky cardigan thrown on top, with tights underneath (maybe even a couple of pairs when it’s really cold), and there you have it: the maxi dress, but make it cold weather appropriate. It’s not just the fact that maxi dresses can be worn throughout the year across all seasons, they can be dressed up and down for multiple occasions too! Looking for a chill day-to-day look? Add a leather jacket or denim jacket and some chunky trainers to your fave maxi dress and there you have it- you look stylish. If you’re heading out and you don’t have an appropriate evening dress, a casual black maxi dress can be styled to look more formal when paired with high heels or heeled boots and some chunky jewellery. Throw your fanciest coat over the top and you’ve got yourself an evening look that’s sure to turn heads. Maxi dresses don’t have to be just for women, you’ll find hundreds of vintage and designer maxi dresses from our partner brands, so whatever your style or gender expression you can find something to make you feel beautiful. Beyond Retro have an affordable range of maxi dresses, including black maxi dresses and long sleeved maxi dresses all the way from the 70s, 80s, 90s and of course Y2K. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a simple black maxi dress or something a little more out there. If you’re a self proclaimed designer fiend, you won’t be disappointed by our selection of preloved luxury maxi dresses, with everything from long sleeved maxi dresses to black maxi dresses by Alexander Mcqueen, Jacquemus and more iconic designers you love. In summary, preloved maxi dresses are a yes from us thanks to their vintage charm and quality manufacturing. It’s so important to shop for things you need, not just clothes you want. That’s where Whering comes in. Spot wardrobe gaps super easily with Whering. It couldn’t be easier to see wardrobe gaps and invest in pieces you know will be an asset to your wardrobe. Shopping will never be the same again!

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