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We sometimes wonder what we did to deserve leggings. Leggings are the comfiest trousers that double up as gym leggings, sportswear, and lounge wear- they really are a gift from the fashion gods. If you can’t already tell, yes, we love leggings. Leggings for comfort, leggings for sport, leggings for style - you name it, we’re all for it shop leggings for women and all genders on the Whering Marketplace. Leggings are there for you when you’re on the sofa with a tub of ice cream, or when you wake up hungover in need of food and throw on the comfiest thing you can find. And, if you’re one of the sporty ones (props to you), leggings take you to the gym, yoga, spinning, running and any other activity that involves getting sweaty. You’ll find a range of sports leggings, lounge wear, leggings for women, leggings for men, leggings for everyone - right here on the Whering Marketplace. Investing in quality essentials to see you through is a more financially viable (and more sustainable) option than buying cheap pairs that are lowkey see through (someone had to say it) and won’t last. Whether you’re embarking on a new fitness journey or you simply love leggings as much as us, have a gander through our selection of sustainably made leggings to see what takes your fancy. We’re stocking sports leggings from Panagaia, Stella McCartney, Twill and more. You might not be aware of the unethical materials used so widely in sportswear, especially leggings, but the truth is gym leggings are often made from highly unethical materials that take years to biodegrade. Getting that comfy and stretchy fabric isn’t easy, so many brands like to cut costs along the way and opt for cheaper materials. They may be cheap to purchase, but the cost is big for our planet. At Whering, we’ve partnered with brands prioritising the earth in their design process as well as their labour techniques. You can rest easy (in your new leggings!) knowing you’ve supported a business that actually makes a positive impact on the planet. Many people buy new sports leggings as motivation to get out there and start getting fit. Often they find this doesn’t work but they’ve bought a whole selection of sports leggings they don’t need. Don’t buy gym leggings just for the sake of it! Make sure you have a genuine need for leggings in your life before you buy them. Add them to your Whering wishlist for a little while and mull it over. Just because you’re buying from ethical brands, doesn’t mean you don’t need to purchase with the intention of long term wear. Shop sustainable leggings, including gym leggings, sports leggings, and of course leggings for chill days - from all your favourite brands including Panagaia, Stella McCartney, Twill and more on the Whering Marketplace.

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