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Everyone needs that pair of safety jeans. The ‘I need to leave the house in five minutes and I don’t know what to wear’ jeans. The ‘perfect shade of blue that goes with everything I own’ blue jeans. Those ‘straight leg jeans that make any outfit edgy’ jeans. Whether you’re searching for jeans for women or jeans for men, denim jeans are a cult classic that pretty much all of us, regardless of gender expression, have in our wardrobes. They are worth the investment and a vital step towards a timeless and sustainable wardrobe. Blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, straight leg jeans, flared jeans, striped jeans, coloured jeans, baggy jeans …the list goes on. Which jeans represent you? Are you a blue jeans or black jeans person? Do straight leg jeans get your heart racing or are you flared jeans all the way? Whatever your heart desires, we have a sustainably sourced selection of jeans waiting for you on the Whering Marketplace. Did you know it takes over 7,000 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans? Let’s normalise understanding where our clothes come from and how much energy it really takes to make them. It shouldn’t be a secret that denim jeans require a lot of water to be brought to life, which isn’t the best for our planet. That being said, it’s how you treat the jeans after purchase that matters. Denim is a durable and quality fabric that can last for years, making all those thousands of litres needed to make jeans worth it if you treat them right. Finding the right pair of jeans for you can be a hard task - but with Whering, it couldn’t be easier. Whering has a selection of ethically sourced vintage and pre-loved jeans, as well as brand new pairs from our sustainable partner brands. When it comes to clothes, we get it- that’s why you’ll only find the best preloved jeans on our marketplace. Shop all your favourite designers and drool over our range of pre-loved luxury jeans as our editors have scoured the web to find everything from classic jeans to walk you through everyday and jazzier jeans to wow when it counts. Shop straight leg jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and more in our selection of jeans for women, men and unisex (because who cares about what gender they were made for, right?). You’ve already got your existing wardrobe and wishlist in one place, all that’s left to do is have a gander through our marketplace and see which pair of jeans takes your fancy. Think about how the jeans will go with what you already own. If you can’t think of at least 10 outfit combinations including (you guessed it) the all important jeans, maybe they aren’t the right jeans for you. Do they match the vibe you’ve been looking for on your wishlist? What’s the point in investing in something if it’s not what you really want? Check your wishlist before making purchases so you can be sure you’ll love the jeans for years to come.

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