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It’s jackets galore on the Whering Marketplace. Find a jacket for every occasion from your favourite brands, such as Canada Goose, North Face, Moncler and more - all thanks to our vintage and preloved luxury partners: Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo and Luisa Via Roma. Let’s be honest, jackets are the most fun thing to buy! Maybe we have too many jackets, but the second a wardrobe gap emerges and we genuinely need a new jacket, it’s always the most exciting thing to invest in. Jackets are expensive, especially Canada Goose jackets, North Face puffer jackets and Moncler jackets to name a few - so it’s important to invest in a jacket you truly love. Consider us obsessed with puffer jackets. Whether it’s the puffy style of jacket from Canada Goose (second hand OBVS we don’t want any geese to die for our fashion), North Face puffer jacket or Moncler jacket, count us in. We know Canada Goose can be a bit of an ick, but puffer jackets generally are a big yes from us. Feel comfy and warm in a stylish coat appropriate for even the coldest days, because who likes compromising style for warmth? You can shop our vast selection of puffer jackets all thanks to our partners, each one bringing you something different. Shop designer and branded puffer jackets that have had a life before you on Vestiaire Collective. You’ll find hundreds of preloved luxury jackets including Canada Goose, North Face and Mocler. But it doesn’t stop there! You can find all the vintage leather and suede jackets of your dreams, it doesn’t get much better than Vestiaire Collective. It’s like walking into your grandma's wardrobe, if she was rich and fashionable. That’s the best way we can describe it. Enjoy browsing their gorge selection of jackets, we know you won’t be disappointed. It can be overwhelming seeing all the jackets they have to offer, there’s so many pages to scroll through. That’s why we’ve curated a handpicked selection of only the hottest jackets on Vestiaire Collective, so you can find that safety jacket to elevate any outfit. Our current obsession (along with literally everyone else) is leather jackets. You really can’t go wrong with them. We’d give styling advice, but it’s a leather jacket- it would be more helpful to tell you what you shouldn’t wear them with because they go with literally everything. Our other preloved luxury partner brands, Luisa Via Roma and Lampoo are bringing you hundreds of stunning jackets from your favourite designers and brands, with everything from denim jackets, cropped jackets to light weight jackets - you name it, they’ve got it. Have a gander of our selection of jackets and you’ll find one you love in no time. If preloved luxury isn’t your forte, we’re also partnered with Beyond Retro, bringing you timeless classic vintage jackets including puffer jackets, leather jackets, cord jackets, suede jackets and more. You might not find a Canada Goose jacket on Beyond Retro, but you’re sure to find a North Face jacket or Moncler jacket if you’re lucky. Have a look and see what you can find, that’s the beauty of vintage shopping, you never know what’s waiting for you!

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