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PANGAIA Signature Hoodie - Off-White

By Pangaia

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THIS SIGNATURE HOODIE IS MADE USING A BLEND OF RESPONSIBLY SOURCED RECYCLED COTTON AND ORGANIC COTTON. THE FABRIC IS BRUSHED ON THE INSIDE FOR A SOFT, PLUSH HANDFEEL. eco, environmentally friendly clothing, sustainable clothing, eco clothing, organic cottton, Natural, plant-originated textile treatment uses peppermint oil as its main active ingredient and has an antibacterial effect. We use it as a finishing treatment on our fabric to keep your garment fresher for longer: your t-shirt needs to be washed less often, saving water, energy and time. Regular cotton requires more water, pesticides and degrades the soil over time. Instead, we only use organic, made from natural seeds and without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. As a result, organic cotton products are safer for both our skin, and our earth. Over 100BN items of clothing and 500BN plastic bottles are being produced every year. Half goes to landfill, taking decades to decompose. All textile and plastic waste can be recycled, turned into a yarn and reused repeatedly. We develop products made of post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles. It does not only look good, but most importantly, feels good.

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