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A headband is a low effort accessory that adds a little something to your outfit. We’re obsessed with the headband vibes which is why our editors have handpicked a variety of headbands from vintage curators and ethical brands so you can find one you love that doesn't cost the earth. Browse our selection of headbands including classic pearl headbands and funkier headbands for when you’re feeling bold. Whatever your style, you can find a headband you love on the Whering Marketplace. Headbands are super easy to style, we’re yet to find an outfit that doesn't look better with a headband. Whether you’re giving a preppy or bohemian look, there’s a headband that can and will elevate your outfit. Don’t invest in a headband if you’re not sure it’s your vibe- see and style what you already own with Whering so you can make an informed decision of whether it will be an asset to your wardrobe. So many people see accessories such as headbands as flippant purchases they don’t need to consider, but everything we consume has a knock on effect so we need to think everything through. How do you style headbands? We like to add a headband to top off one -pieces like dresses or playsuits as they usually benefit from having something extra added to spruce up the singular piece. If you’re a maximalist, there’s never a moment when a headband isn’t a good addition to your outfit! Clash patterns and colours by adding a headband. Life is too short not to experiment with fashion and headbands are an easy way to push the boat out without altering your wardrobe. If you want to serve classy or preppy vibes, a pearl headband is always a good place to start. They’re a unique accessory that don’t always get thought of when people think of pearls, but why not? They look great round your neck, so why not add them to your head. It’s giving classy and chic vibes that only pearls can offer you. Sustainable accessories can often be difficult to source, but we’ve made it easier than ever to view a range of ethical accessories from vintage and sustainable partners, all in one place. If you’re sustainability conscious, you’ll love shopping on Whering. You can have confidence everything is ethically sourced so you can be confident you’re supporting quality businesses. If you’re not into ethical brands, why not unleash your inner vintage babe and peruse our selection of vintage headbands. There’s some one of a kind vintage gems to be discovered, what are you waiting for? Before shopping for anything, headbands included, it’s super important to ensure you actually need it and that it’s a true reflection of your style. If you’re in doubt, see and style what you already own on Whering, that way you can make purchases with confidence knowing that they go with your wardrobe and that you’ll get lots of wear out of them.

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