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Hats are the best way to change your outfit quickly. The Whering Marketplace has all the hottest hats your heart could ever desire from bucket hats, caps, wedding hats and berets to name a few. Whether you’re looking to level up your outfit game or simply experiment with accessories, hats are the way to go. If you’re not already a hat person it can be daunting to take the plunge. Let’s be honest, not everyone suits hats, so be sure to see and style what you already have with that hat you’ve got your eye on, so you know it will elevate your outfit. There’s hats for every occasion on Whering. Bucket hats for festival fashion, fancy hats for a wedding, or a beret for a night at the pub with your besties. Wherever you’re going, your outfit would probably look better with a hat. Our fave way to style a bucket hat is with a monochrome fit, preferably black. An all black outfit is an easy way to look fashionable instantly, and a black bucket hat is the icing on the cake. Not to mention, a fluffy bucket hat in the cooler months is actually a practical accessory, and it looks cute. Most of your body heat is stored in your head, so a fluffy bucket hat is a great way to stay nice and toasty when it’s cold outside (without compromising your style). If you want the effortlessly fashionable look, a cap is your ticket to looking chilled. We love styling caps with long denim shorts and a white tank crop top. It might be basic, but basic pieces are basics for a reason - they’re timeless and can be styled in so many different ways! Next time you wake up to the sun and you’re not sure what to wear, try adding a cap to your outfit to feel a little fashionable. It’s not only shorts you can wear with caps. Style them however you want. Contrast a girly skirt with a cap and get creative with fashion. It doesn’t even have to be sunny to whip out a cap. Caps can be worn come rain or shine, the only thing guaranteed is that you’ll be looking cooler ;). A hat is a great way to elevate any outfit, take it from us. If you’re feeling in a fashion funk where you’re not sure what your style is and nothing feels cute anymore, maybe a hat is the shake up your style needs. Rather than investing in a whole new wardrobe and new clothing pieces, a cheaper and more sustainable way to change your style is simply by adding a hat, whether it’s a bucket hat, cap, or some other hat you love - you need to try the hat hack! There are so many different types of hats, aside from the iconic bucket hat and cap, we’re obsessed with berets. Move over Emily in Paris, we’re in town. Unleashing our inner French realness with our beret, no one can tell us we’re not giving French fashion queen. Ask us anything about art of history, if we’re wearing a beret, we’ll somehow know the answer. Berets make us feel like we’re a whole different person, and we’re obsessed. They’re so easy to style and they make virtually any cute and preppy outfit look so much better. So if we haven’t convinced you that you need a hat, that’s fine! Only rock the bucket hat and cap vibe if you’re genuinely feeling it and you can see hats being an active asset to your closet. You can try before you buy with our ‘Wear it With’ feature that lets you style what you already own with items you want to purchase. We’re changing how people shop for good, you’re welcome.

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