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Halter neck tops and halter neck dresses always look cute and stylish. Come rain or shine, we’re rocking our halter neck tops and halter neck dresses, whether it’s day to day or for a night out. That’s what’s so great about the halter, it can be styled in so many different ways for multiple different occasions. If you love halter neck tops and halter neck dresses as much as we do, you’ll find everything from a black halter neck dress (a wardrobe staple) or something a little more funky for the colourful gals out there. We love styling a basic black halter neck with statement jewellery to add a bit of bling. There’s something so classic about a black halter neck dress, not much needs doing to it. If we’re heading out for the night we’ll add some platform docs (you could switch for heels if that’s your vibe) and a leather jacket for a monochrome vibe. You can’t argue with a monochrome outfit, it’s always a serve. If black halter neck dresses feel a little boring for you, that’s fine too. We’re loving patterned halter neck dresses for when we’re in a fun mood and we want to show that through our style. Life is too short to always look chic and timeless, sometimes patterns are more fun. Maybe you’re not into dresses, we get that. Sometimes a top and trousers is all you need to slay. That’s why we love halter neck tops as well for the fact they look low effort and sexy on literally everyone. Halter neck tops aren’t just women, whatever your gender expression, we’re here for the halter neck top look. As we said, they honestly look good on everyone. It’s easy to style a halter neck top, they’re a great base layer to accessorise and layer up. One of the best ways (in our humble opinion) to style the halter neck top is to lean into the edgy aesthetic and pair it with a cropped and coloured leather jacket, baggy and long denim shorts with a pair of cowboy boots. Tell us with a straight face that it’s not a total look. You can’t go wrong with the baggy long short and tight top combo, that’s just a fact of life. The halter neck top is the perfect way to go. Halter neck dresses and halter neck tops aren’t just for when it’s warm outside. There’s a whole host of ways you can style them even when it’s cooler. We love layering a halter neck over the top of a turtle neck for that 60s look. Vintage vibes are always a yes, so why not serve vintage realness with what you already own?! Once you try wearing the halter neck in the cooler months, you’ll realise how easy it is to style and you’ll never look back. Our selection of halter neck dresses and halter neck tops has been hand picked by our editors to ensure you can find one of a kind vintage gems and ethically produced halter neck dresses and tops. Looking stylish shouldn’t cost the earth. With Whering you can see and style what you already own so you can make informed purchase that will last a lifetime.

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