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Face the cold in style with a pair of ethically sourced gloves. We’re not interested in boxing gloves or goalie gloves, the only gloves we have our eyes on have been carefully crafted by sustainable brands or hand picked by our editors from our preloved resale partners. It’s gloves galore on the Whering Marketplace, so come and find a pair you love. Fingerless gloves are all the range right now. If the TikTok gurlies are doing it then it’s fashionable. That’s just how it goes. We don’t like to partake in trends unless we really like them, but fingerless gloves are practical and stylish which makes them an instant win in our eyes. We’re obsessed with the Y2K frazzled English woman vibes, and what better way to finish off this look than with a pair of knitted fingerless gloves? Shop the cutest fingerless gloves to elevate your outfits from sustainable brands that manufacture gloves with care and pay their workers a fair wage and prioritise safe working conditions. We’re not only stocking gloves from sustainable brands, we’re also bringing you a whole host of stunning fingerless gloves, leather gloves, suede gloves and more from preloved luxury retailers including Vestiaire Collective, Lampoo and Luisa Via Roma. Shop your favourite designers guilt free when you shop preloved luxury. If you’re on the hunt for a quality pair of leather gloves but you don’t want to fund the animal industry, investing in a second hand pair of leather gloves is a great way to ensure the quality of leather will last years. Faux leather is often made from single use plastics and harmful chemicals, so depending on where your heart lies preloved leather gloves can be a good alternative. As we said, boxing gloves and goalie gloves aren’t really our forte, that’s why we’re obsessed with the selection of sustainably made and vintage gloves, including fingerless gloves, heated gloves, suede gloves and leather gloves- all available on the Whering Marketplace. Have a browse and find the pair of gloves to make you feel like you’re untouchable. But what makes a pair of gloves sustainable? It’s hard to tell with all the greenwashing that’s around these days. There are a few different approaches to making sustainable gloves: Materials: Sustainable gloves can be made from natural, biodegradable materials like bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. These materials are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and they break down more easily when disposed of. Recycling: Some sustainable gloves are made from recycled materials like plastic bottles or old gloves that have been repurposed. Ethical production: Sustainable gloves are often produced using fair labor practices and ethical production methods. This means that workers are paid fair wages and work in safe and healthy conditions. Even when shopping for ethical gloves it’s important to buy a pair you know are reflective of your style that you think you’ll wear long term. Use Whering to see and style what you already own so you can buy gloves you love with confidence.

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