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A gilet is the answer when the weather won’t make up its mind. We love gilet’s for adding layers to our outfit. They are practical and stylish, what could be better? Shop our selection of sustainable and vintage gilets brought to you by our sustainable and ethical partner brands. How do you style gilets? Unless you’re going for a Y2K throwback with a denim gilet or a fluffy gilet, (slay fashion queen) then we suggest pairing a wet weather gilet with jeans and trainers. When wearing gilets it’s important to think about colours, textures and patterns and how all 3 of these will overlap thanks to the exposed arms. It’s an opportunity to get creative! Shop preloved quality gilets, including crew clothing gilets, on Vestiaire Collective bringing you quality gilets for your every need. If you want to expand beyond the classic crew clothing gilet with a Y2K gilet vibe, we’re here for it. We’re obsessed with pairing denim gilets with long skirts. Picture this, you’re wearing a dark denim wash gilet and a long maxi skirt. We suggest doing the denim gilet up all the way for maximum scandinavian fashion influencer vibes. It’s a certified look with these two pieces alone, but you can customise it to reflect your style and personality with more accessories, etc. Heading on a night out? The crew clothing gilet is not the vibe, we’re picturing something a little more fluffy (faux fur though, of course). The fluffy gilet era was a major vibe and we’re so happy it’s coming back. It’s a little bold and not everyone is on board with the fluffy gilet look, but if you can rock it we know you’re serving a serious look. Props to anyone working the fluffy gilet because it’s not easy. We like to pair it with some skinny flares, heeled boots and a statement necklace to top off this naughties vibe. No gilet should cost the earth, that’s why we’ve partnered with eco-friendly brands that pay their workers a fair living wage and ensure their working conditions are safe. It’s the bare minimum, but not all brands take these precautions, sadly. It’s not just working conditions and pay that makes these brands sustainable, it’s also the materials they use and production processes. Our partner brands use ethical materials that take less time to biodegrade and are made from natural substances, which in turn means they don’t need as many harmful chemicals to make beautiful clothes, including gilets. Did you know that a lot of brands pump out tons of new looks every season just to encourage customers to buy more than they need? We like to support brands that prioritise producing clothes that meets a demand, rather than just making clothes for the sake of it. The production process is a key part of what makes a brand sustainable. See and style what you already own with the Whering app! Using our ‘Wear it With’ feature you can see how the item you want to buy will play out with your existing wardrobe so you can add it to your wardrobe with confidence.

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