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A fur coat is a wardrobe staple we couldn’t live without. Don’t worry vegans, we’re in favour of faux fur for sure, unless we find a vintage gem then we think it’s more acceptable to wear real fur, but otherwise we’re most definitely boycotting. Thanks to our partner brands we’re bringing you a range of fur coats to suit every style, from black fur coats to colourful faux fur coats - all for women, men and them. Vestiaire Collective, Beyond Retro, Lampoo and Luisa Via Roma have a whole host of fur coats for every price range and style. What’s more stylish than a fur coat? Spoiler alert, nothing! We’re obsessed with fur coats and we know you’ll love our selection of fur coats too, come and see for yourself. Beyond Retro has stunning faux fur animal print coats to help you make a statement. That’s one of the great things about a bold fur coat, it elevates your outfit in seconds and helps you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Faux fur coats are where it’s at, we’re obsessed with printed and patterned faux fur coats. Anything that’s bright and fluffy, please count us in. When you’re not sure what to wear or you don’t love your outfit, having a coat you can trust can make you feel so much better about the outfit. You can find unique vintage gems on the Whering Marketplace as our editors have hand picked the best faux fur coats from our partner brands so you can look stylish and know Mother Nature approves. A black fur coat is a shortcut to looking stylish. When in doubt, black clothes always make you look effortlessly cool. It’s just a fact of life. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to wear an outfit but knowing you’ll be freezing to death if you do. With a black fur coat you can look stylish and stay warm! What could be better? Throw on a black fur coat over literally anything. Chucking on a black fur coat with a semi dressy outfit will have you ready for a night out in seconds. Maybe a fur coat isn’t the best for clubbing, but a pub crawl or any other kind of night where you’ll be walking a lot, a faux fur coat isn’t out of place. If you’re wearing something casual and you want to inject some style into your look, a black fur coat does just this. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: monochrome outfits are always a slay. That’s why we love wearing a black fur coat with all black outfits to really show your style. If you insist on buying a real fur coat (weird flex!) then we highly recommend you buy from second hand retailers. Vestiaire Collective has hundreds of high quality fur coats that won’t let you down, all made by designers you love including Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Rizal to name a few. Animals shouldn’t have to die for fashion, so only buy second hand fur coats to preserve animal life and send a message to brands that it’s no longer okay to kill animals for fashion. Often real faux is made up of more biodegradable materials and less harmful chemicals than faux fur so it can be a more sustainable option when purchased second hand, if you don’t mind wearing a dead animal that is.

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