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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. A flowery dress is a great option for when you want to embrace the sun and feel beautiful. Nothing screams summer like white flowery dress or a flowery midi dress. You can shop a variety of flowery dresses on the Whering Marketplace all thanks to our vintage resale and sustainable partner brands, bringing you stunning flowery dresses that don’t cost the earth. By that we mean they were made by garment workers who are paid a living wage and work in safe labour conditions, the way it should be. It’s not just brand new sustainable flowery dresses you can find on Whering, we’re also working with Vestiaire Collective, Beyond Retro, Lampoo, Luisa Via Roma to name a few of our partner brands bringing you unique vintage gems to add to your wardrobe. Our personal fave kind of flowery dress is a white flowery dress, there’s just something so crisp and clean about them. If you’re looking for a fresh and clean look that’s simultaneously stylish, look no further than the white dresses on the Whering Marketplace. How do you style a flowery dress? They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but we’re starting with the basics: styling a white flowery dress. What’s great about a flowery white dress is that it’s both a staple basic thanks to the classic white colour of the piece, but there’s a little something extra with the flower pattern. That’s why we love keeping it simple (but effective) and styling a white flowery dress with some platforms. Whether that’s platform lace up boots or sandals, a chunky shoe contrasts the delicate vibes of the dress perfectly. To keep things laid back and casual, we’re loving adding a leather jacket to keep the delicate and edgy contrast going. If that’s not your style, why not add a colourful crochet cardigan or a denim jacket? See, we told you the styling possibilities for the flowery white dress were endless! As we said, flowery dresses come in all shapes and sizes, one of the best being the midi flowery dress! Midi dresses are often overlooked and thought of as unflattering, but we couldn’t disagree more! Midi dresses are a great way to look stylish in seconds, as those who dare to wear the midi dress are no doubt up for experimenting with their look. The midi dress can be dressed up or down for whatever occasion, but one thing’s for sure, a flower midi dress is always a crowd pleaser. There for you when you don’t know what to wear, the flowery midi dress is a life-saver. You can find a whole host of unique and stunning vintage flowery dresses on the Whering Marketplace all thanks to our partner brands offering vintage flowery dresses for every price range! Shop white flowery dresses and midi flowery dresses on Whering. Whenever you’re shopping for new clothes it’s super important to think through the purchase and make sure you need it. Whering makes it easier than ever to figure out how well something will fit into your wardrobe. After digitising your wardrobe you can see and style what you already own with items you want to buy using our ‘Wear it With’ feature. We’re changing shopping for good, thank us later!

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