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Flip flops can be made from harmful materials, including damaging plastics which end up harming wildlife. Whering suggest spending time and money on a quality pair of flip flops that you’ll want to take care of to avoid throwing away a different pair each year. People often buy cheap flip flops and wear them for one holiday before discarding them, but this is super unsustainable! That’s why Whering have a selection of ethically sourced flip flops for women, men and them, made by brands who pay their workers a fair living wage and use eco-friendly materials to make flip flops made to last. Flip flops get a lot of slack as being highly un fashionable shoes no one actually likes, but you can’t deny that whatever you think of flip flops, they are handy shoes to slip on when you want to head out into the sun. Flip flops are a holiday essential. They’re ideal for taking you along sandy beaches when you’re dipping in and out of the water. Flip flops are a practical shoe and whilst they may not be the most stylish, our editors have found the most fashionable flop flops around so you can flip flop around in style. Havaiana flip flops are a quality brand of flip flops that last years- trust us, we’ve got a pair! Thanks to our resale partner brands you can find branded flip flops you love and trust to last for years, so you don’t have to throw away a pair of flip flops every year like you used to. Havaiana flip flops are a solid pair of flip flops you won’t regret purchasing, so have a look through the Whering marketplace and invest in a pair you love. Stylish flip flops isn’t the easiest thing, but we love flip flops for the fact you don’t need to style them in a fashionable way all the time, you can just turn up wearing flip flops and everyone knows you’re going for a chill look. Serve laid back summer vibes with a pair of flip flops from Whering. Shoes can often be made from harmful materials that are cheap to produce, ensuring large profit margins both for the fact the material cost next to nothing and that the seller will have to return once their flip flops break. Break out of this cycle with a pair of flip flops that can stand the test of time. Mother nature would be proud and so will we! As we said, flip flops aren’t the easiest thing to style but it’s easy to style anything using Whering! You can see and style your existing wardrobe with flip flops you want to buy using our ‘Wear it With’ feature so you can be sure they’ll be a long standing staple in your closet. Even when buying sustainably made shoes it’s still important to buy shoes you actually need, which is where we come in. You’re welcome!

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