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Looking for the Nike Tech fleece? Honestly, same. You’ll find the tech fleece, Patagonia, fleece jacket and more fleeces on Whering. We understand the Nike Tech fleece hype, that’s why we’re partnering with preloved luxury resale platforms including Vestiaire Collective and Lampoo to bring you fleeces you’ll fall in love with. Including tech fleeces, fleece jackets, 80s vintage fleeces and more - find the fleece you’ve been eyeing up on Whering. Who doesn’t love cuddling up in a cosy fleece, under a blanket (because you can never be too comfy) with your favourite Netflix show on? Spoiler alert: no one. Fleeces are a must have for the cosy gals out there. With heating prices rising, fleeces are even more of an essential, beyond their potential as fashion items. Vintage fleeces are a stylish way to stay warm, so you’ll never have to admit your mum was right for telling you to bring a coat. Layer up with a fleece jacket and you’ll be toastie all night long. Whilst we love shopping second hand, it’s not only preloved fleeces that we’re obsessed with. Buying a fleece from an ethical brand such as Patagonia is also an ethical way to shop. We’ve partnered with all the sustainable brands you need, including Pangaia, SSENSE, Wolf & Badger, and more, offering a wide range of sustainably sourced fleeces made by ethical brands and designers. You’ll also find Patagonia fleeces sold on Vestiaire Collective if you’re determined to get your hands on one. Made from recycled materials, they’re a great option if you want to put the planet first. Styling fleeces is super easy. Fleeces, fleece jackets and the Nike Tech fleece are the kind of thing you can throw on top of anything you want. If you want to look a little stylish, why not pair a vintage fleece with your favourite pair of jeans and vintage trainers. Add a crossbody bag and beanie of your choice to elevate the fit. It’s a fail safe, comfy and stylish look that won’t let you down when you need to throw something on. That’s the beauty of fleeces, you can add them on top of anything you like and everyone gets it: you’re dressing for warmth. Vintage fleeces brought to you by our partners Beyond Retro, Vestiaire Collective and Lampoo will serve you well when you need to wrap up warm. That being said, a fleece can be a great fashion statement in its own way, it just has to be worn right. Branded fleeces from your fave brands such as Nike, Patagonia and Adidas can be purchased directly from our marketplace and paired with some stunning trousers for a laid back look with undertones of street style. Whenever you’re shopping for something new, it’s important to keep sustainability in mind. Buying clothes you don’t need is never a good idea. *Enter Whering* the digital wardrobe app where you can see and style what you already own! Try before you buy with our ‘Wear it With’ feature that lets you see what you own styled with items you want to buy so you can add items to your closet with confidence.

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