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Flatforms are a comfortable shoe to help you go the full nine yards in confidence. Let’s face it, not everyone like platforms or heels, which is why flatforms are a great shoe you need to take you from A to B. Our range of flatform sandals including black flatform sandals, white flatforms sandals and more is always a good place to start. We’re stocking flatform trainers too so there’s a pair of flatforms for everyone depending on whether you want to be active or chill by the pool. Flatform sandals are a great holiday shoe that don’t hold you back. Walk for hours and explore a new city with flatform sandals you can’t live without. If there’s one thing we hate on holiday it’s when we get blisters or our feet hurt too much from wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes. Say goodbye to discomfort with flatform sandals. Stylish footwear doesn’t have to hurt, so check out our range of flatform sandals today. Flatform trainers are ideal for the sporty ones out there. Don’t let your shoes hold you back and take on the day in confidence with our selection of flatform trainers from sustainable brands and our vintage resale partners. You can find a unique pair of trainers sure to help you stand out for all the right reasons. Our editors have searched high and low for the best flatform trainers to suit your every need, so come see what we’ve got going on on the Whering Marketplace! We’re high key obsessed with monochrome looks, specifically all black outfits. It’s just such an easy way to look stylish in seconds, so naturally we need a pair of black flatforms. A good pair of shoes can be the difference between a good and bad outfit, that’s why finding a quality pair of black flatform sandals you know will go with everything you own (okay, maybe not everything but you know what we mean) is so important. Enjoy browsing our selection of black flatforms to find a pair of unique and vintage flatforms you can’t live without. Or, if you insist on buying footwear brand new, you can find a variety of ethically made flatforms all thanks to our sustainable partner brands. Heading to a white party? 1) we’re jealous 2) find the perfect pair of white flatform sandals on Whering! If you need a quality pair of white flatform sandals to set you apart from the crowd then come and see our selection of flatforms all thanks to our editors who scoured the web for the most stylish and sustainable flatforms you need. Even when buying shoes that are second hand or sustainably made, it’s important to think about whether you really need them. That’s where we come in! You can see and style what you already own with flatform shoes you want to purchase using our ‘Wear it With’ feature so you never have to worry about buying shoes that don’t go with your clothes again. We’re changing shopping for the better!

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