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Espadrilles are the perfect shoe for when the sun comes out. Whether you’re looking for espadrille wedges or espadrille sandals for men or women, you’ll find sustainably made espadrilles on the Whering Marketplace. A good pair of shoes can be the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit, so why wait to level up your outfit game? Browse our selection of espadrilles for men and espadrilles for women to find the pair you’ve been searching for. Espadrille wedges are the perfect shoe to pair with a playsuit or casual summer dress to make it look a little more fancy. Shoes are always a pain to make, and with espadrille wedges you’ve got day and night footwear in one! Who wants to waste time on holiday rooting through your suitcase trying to find something to make your outfit a little better? Save time deciding what to wear with the ideal shoes for day or night: espadrille wedges. It’s a fail safe way to look cute, stylish and sexy. A little extra height is always a yes from us. Heels can be difficult to walk in, so espadrille wedges are where it’s at. Our fave type of espadrille wedges are the ones with a winding string going up the ankle. There’s something so classy yet eye-catching about them. They’re a subtle way to show you’ve got style, so browse our sustainable range of espadrille wedges to find a pair you love. Did you know shoes are often made of harmful materials that don’t biodegrade (or take yearssss to)? Well, neither did we, until recently. All thanks to the media the idea of having hundreds of shoes has been idolised, but that’s why we love espadrilles, because they’re a stylish shoe you can wear multiple ways. Espadrille sandals are perfect for those of you who don’t love adding height to your outfit, or maybe you just hate heels more than we do (totally fair). Espadrille sandals are easy to style with denim shorts and skirts when you want to work on that tan. If you love espadrille sandals as much as us you may not want to confine them to the warmer weather, so why not pair them with a floaty trouser for when it’s slightly cooler. You could even wear espadrille sandals with jeans if that’s what your heart desires. Espadrilles are for everyone, whether that’s espadrille wedges, espadrille sandals, the Whering Marketplace has a variety of ethically sourced espadrilles for men and women - and anyone who wants to work the boho vibes. If you’re stuck on how to style espadrilles, see and style what you already own with the espadrilles you want to buy using Whering. Our ‘Wear it With’ feature lets you try before you buy, so you can purchase espadrilles with confidence.

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