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Cycling shorts are so comfortable, the perfect sportswear to make you invincible and ready to smash a workout. Whether you’re looking for womens cycling shorts or mens cycling shorts, we have a selection of cycling shorts including classic black cycling shorts and patterned cycling shorts for when you want to inject your colourful personality into your gym wear. At Whering, we’ve partnered with ethical brands using naturally biodegradable materials in their cycling shorts, so you can pedal on guilt free. Let’s be real, not all of us are into fitness. Cycling shorts aren’t just for the athletic out there, they’re comfortable shorts perfect for walks with friends or even festivals! Whatever you need them for, even if it’s chilling on the sofa, you can be sure with cycling shorts you’ll be revelling in maximum comfort at all times. Find cycling shorts for women that fit perfectly so you can take on the day in confidence. Our partner brand Pangaia have designed the perfect black cycling shorts that are also available in multiple colours including pink, green, lilac and brown- so whatever you’re feeling, there’s a pair of cycling shorts to match your mood! Pangaia prioritise the people and the planet in their designs by using a carefully fabricated source of nylon that takes less time to biodegrade than other materials when exposed in an oxygen poor environment. You can get comfy with cycling shorts from Pangaia, knowing they won’t cost the earth. Investing in quality cycling shorts is always a good idea if you actually need them. Activewear is exposed to sweat and worn in more intense conditions than regular clothing, so it’s super important to invest in a quality pair that can take the heat so you don’t keep repurchasing sportswear as soon as something goes wrong. It doesn’t take Sherlock to work out that most activewear is made using non breathable fabrics that come at the expense of the planet and don’t biodegrade, created by brands who don’t care about the welfare of their workers. We’re not impressed by low prices or huge sales, but we are impressed by companies investing in their products and their workers. That’s why you can buy activewear with confidence when you shop on Whering, as we put the planet first, thanks to our partners. A lot of people buy new cycling shorts and other activewear to kickstart their fitness journey. There’s no denying new fitness wear like cycling shorts can make you feel more motivated, but there’s no point buying new clothes if you’re going to stop wearing them shortly after adding them to your wardrobe. Only invest in cycling shorts if you know you’ll use them for years to come, or else you’re impulse buying for no reason.

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