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It’s official: Crocs are cool. Those of us old enough to remember the OG Croc era around 2008 never thought this day would come. Crocs are a strange shoe, entirely novelty yet quite practical - whatever they are, they’re back in fashion for good. It’s been a few years since Crocs re-entered the scene, now we’re seeing fluffy crocs, croc charms and platform crocs for sale pretty much anywhere that sells shoes. Welcome back I guess? If you’re looking to jump on the Croc trend, or maybe you’re a seasoned Croc lover looking for another pair to add to your collection, you can find unique styles of Crocs including fluffy crocs, croc charms, croc wellies and more on Vestiaire Collective. But let’s be honest, when it comes to Crocs it takes a good pair to make them worth purchasing- and there’s a lot out there that we wouldn’t want to add to our baskets. That’s where we come in! The editorial team at Whering has done their best to select the only Crocs we’d want to be seen dead in, so you don’t have to sift through the stuff you don’t want to see. Crocs are difficult to style, yet you can kind of get away with wearing them with anything as they are so out there there’s little rules to abide by. Our favourite way to style them is to keep it simple with a pair of baggy jeans, crop top and leather jacket. It’s giving laid back chilled vibes, yet you’re still stylish thanks to the Crocs. If that’s not enough for you, get creative and accessorise your crocs with croc charms! You could also wear crocs with some shorts and a T-shirt of your choice during the warmer months. They’re a great shoe for exploring coastal areas on holiday because you can walk in and out of water with ease. Unleash your inner Bear Grylls and get your Crocs on. Okay, maybe not Bear Grylls, but Crocs definitely have a way of making you feel like an explorer when you wear them in the right setting. With novelty and out there items like Crocs, it can often feel like a fun vibe to buy them, but when you actually get them you realise you never wear them. We’re so over buying things to sit at the back of our closet collecting dust. That’s why we love using Whering to see and style what we already own. See how Crocs will actually play out with your wardrobe by using our ‘Wear it With’ feature to try before you buy and get outfit suggestions of what you already own and what you’re thinking of purchasing. With Whering, your wardrobe is in the palm of your hand so it takes seconds to see how your new purchase will pan out with your wardrobe. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but shopping for shoes you don’t actually need isn’t sustainable. That’s why you should think about whether you actually need and like Crocs before going ahead with the purchase.

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