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The cocktail dress is no doubt a wardrobe staple. If you have a lot of formal events to attend, you’ll need a cocktail dress in your wardrobe. Cocktail dresses take the ‘what to wear’ dilemma out of getting dressed for parties and fancy dinners. Finding a cocktail dress you know you can trust is a great feeling. If you’re looking for cocktail dresses in the UK or beyond, you’ll find a range of preloved and designer cocktail dresses from our partner brands. A black cocktail dress is a basic we couldn’t live without. There’s so many ways you can style a black cocktail dress- adding bold jewellery such as a pair of statement earrings, or switching up your hair style and bag - it can completely change the outfit. Sometimes it’s easy to panic when you see a cocktail dress code, which is why it’s worth spending the time and money in finding one you know you’ll always be excited to wear. We’re moving forward by making sure that all the new clothes we buy ignite happiness in us when we think about wearing them. It might sound extra, but we think it’s the key to sustainable shopping. Our selection of cocktail dresses including black cocktail dresses, sequin cocktail dresses, strappy cocktail dresses, colourful cocktail dresses and more is definitely sparking joy! Browse our range of gorgeous cocktail dresses to find one you love today. Cocktail dresses are the perfect number for formal or semi formal events, whether it’s a friends’ birthday, wedding, engagement party or housewarming gathering- you can never go wrong with a cocktail dress! It’s so easy to see dresses you like and buy them without actually having an event to attend or a reason to wear it. Buying a new dress every time you have a new occasion is a habit we’ve all fallen victim to at some point- but we’re trying to make sure we’re only buying dresses when we actually need them. If you’ve already got a cocktail dress, it’s important to think whether you actually need a new one. To get your newness fix without buying a new cocktail dress, rent one! Our rental partners have amazing options for cocktail dresses you’ll love. Renting lets you wear high quality designer and branded cocktail dresses in the UK and beyond without breaking the bank. Browse our rental edit to find one you’ll fall in love with. Want a cocktail dress for yourself that you know you can depend on, time and time again? You can peruse the Whering Marketplace to find a cocktail dress worth investing in- whether it’s a classic black cocktail dress or something a little funkier that fits the cocktail dress code, we suggest using our ‘Wear it With’ function to see items you want to buy styled with what you already own!

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