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Caps are an easy way to give your look the edge. Instantly add edgy vibes to your outfit by adding a baseball cap, flat cap or vintage style new era cap. You’ll find plenty of one of a kind preloved caps on our marketplace to inject street style into your outfit. Baseball caps are coming back, big time. If they take your fancy and fit your style, have a gander through the Whering Marketplace to see our unique and retro selection of baseball caps that you can’t find anywhere else. Caps, especially baseball caps, are a wardrobe staple everyone needs to add to their wardrobe. Not all of us can rock a hat, but those that can are a lucky select few (we’re not jealous at all…). Have you ever got dressed and looked in the mirror and felt like something is missing but you’re not sure what? If you haven’t, you’re lying! Hats are a great way to accessorise your look, because as we know, a good outfit depends on accessories! You gotta have the accessories for it to be a completed look, so that’s where hats come in. Browse caps including baseball caps, flat caps, new era caps to find the missing piece. Throwback it back to the 90s with a baseball cap or flat cap to nod to the streetwear trend that dominated 90s fashion. It’s always a yes from us when it comes to vintage fashion looks, we’re only a little bit obsessed. We love styling flat caps and new era caps with denim shorts and trainers or converse for the laid back look. It’s giving skater girl vibes, Avril Lavigne would be proud. Next time you’re not sure what to wear, why not get creative and use your favourite cap, whether it’s a baseball cap or flat cap, as the starting point for your outfit. Usually, we use them as a finishing touch (like the cherry on top but fashion version), but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up. Are you trying to find ways to look stylish but effortlessly? Caps have your back! Throwing on a baseball cap, flat cap or new era cap is a one way ticket to looking like you just threw on your outfit but you still look fashionable. You’ll find a range of preloved vintage and ethically made caps on our marketplace, all thanks to our editors who have handpicked the coolest caps going. You’re welcome. We suggest using Whering to try before you buy and seeing how a cap will elevate not just one, but multiple of your outfits before you click buy. With ‘Wear it With’ on Whering you can see and style what you already own with what you want to buy so you can make the purchase with confidence.

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